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Variety Pack Icon.jpg
Cover made by AlphaFlame.
Authors: Tombwarrior, Bladestorm227, Skipper93653, MrFib, Marshal91653, Diamond, JαmεςH
Type: Riivolution, ISO Patcher
Tracks: 108 (32 in Demo)
Battle: N/A
Version: v1.1
Date of Latest Version: 2018-09-16
New Users:
Existing Users:
Frantic Mode NTSC-U Fix
Discord Server:


The Variety Pack is a custom track distribution that features 112 custom tracks that range from difficult tracks to meme tracks (only features 32 tracks in the demo), to even some that are in CTGP hence the name variety. It's also got it's very own mode called Frantic mode where every track has the modified ItemSlotTable.slt from Electric Shredder. The pack is owned by Tombwarrior and is developed by Bladestorm227, Skipper93653, MrFib, Marshal91653, Diamond and JαmεςH. AlphaFlame also helped develop the discord server. The Great Role Reversal is present in all modes except Mission Mode.

Track Request

If you would like to suggest a new track for v2.0, head to track wishlist and add the track you would like to see, in v2.0, to the list.


v1.1 Update
Before you Race Important Information for VP
200cc Frantic Mode Showcase
The Great Role Reversal Showcase
Mission Mode Level 1 Showcase v1.0
Mission Mode Level 2 Showcase v1.0
Mission Mode Level 3 Showcase v1.0
Mission Mode Level 4 Showcase v1.1

v1 Tracklist

The v1 and onwards track list can be found here

Demo Tracklist

Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Birthday Park v1.0.1 BlueSky, SpyKid
Lost Island v1 NinYoda1
Dom Dom Islands v1.0 TB 358, MaximilianoMK, Odie5776
Night Factory v1 Gito
Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
Water Island RC6 LuigiM
Coastal Island RC3 Shastca, YellowYoshi
Christmas Dream v2.2 iNelom, Scalene
Nightlife Party v2.01 WiiLuigi
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
Forest Island v1.1.1 lgmb
Cliffside Court v1.23 Luke Chandler
Wiimmfi Station v1 Sniki
Volador Castle v1.2 Okin
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
Desert Fort v2.1 JorisMKW
GCN Mushroom Bridge v1.3.1 Tock
Bowser's Stronghold v1.1 MattG, BillyNoodles
3DS Rainbow Road Beta Bladestorm227
Shell Cup.png
Shell Cup
Torrential Flood Lake v1.2 Bri911
Dragonite's Island Beta Sucht93a, Riidefi
Kamek's Library v1.0 Ugotowned35000vr, MysterE99
Digitally Enhanced v2.1 YoshiGo99, Guilmon35249vr
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
Icy Mountaintop v0.6 Guilmon35249vr
Waterway v1.0 MysterE99, Florian, xBlue98
Overnight Road v2.1 BillyNoodles
Punch City RC3 HelloImYourMind
Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
Dry Coast v3.1c Putinas, Bladestorm227
CTR N. Gin Labs v1.0 Naughty Dog, MysterE99
Punch City 2 v2.14 HelloImYourMind
Bash 'n' Dash 'n' Bash v1.2 Segatendo, Sucht93a
Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
Nightmare v3 NoHack2Win, Sucht93a
Big World Way v1.5 lgmb
Rainbow Float Land v1.0 lgmb
Electric Shredder v1.2 Sucht93a

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Demo ISO/WBFS Builder 2018-08-17 32 Track Demo
v1.0 2018-09-08 Full version release
  • 112 tracks.
  • Added ct-code functionality.
  • Reordered tracks replacing Nintendo tracks to fit with the slot.
  • Added Missions.
  • Added frantic mode.
  • Buffed certain characters (not available in Mission Mode).
  • Added The Great Role Reversal (not available in Mission Mode).
v1.hotfix 2018-09-08
  • Fixed various mission mode bugs.
  • Fixed custom track offices.
Only includes modified files, needs v1.0 downloaded.
v1.hotfix2 2018-09-09
  • Fixed NTSC-U xml.
  • Fixed mission 4-8.
  • Updated Justin's Bridge Track to fix checkpoints and items.
  • Fixed the TC of death in freeze in PAL.
  • Fixed Shadow Woods freezing the room.
  • Fixed Bash 'n' Dash 'n' Bash's file name in the ct-code.
Includes v1.hotfix but overwrite the files in v1.0
v1.1 2018-09-16 New Tracks:
  • Black Loop replacing Orange Loop.
  • Bumper's Roundabout replacing Speeding Street.
  • Delfino Bay replacing Wiimmfi Station.
  • Unfinished Mario Circuit replacing Bowser's Courtyard.

Updated Tracks:

  • DS Luigi's Cookie Pinball to Beta 2.
  • Little Jungle to RC3.1.
  • Added 1.25x speed mod to Coastal Island.
  • Added 1.25x speed mod to Icy Mountaintop.


  • Fixed Frantic Mode for NTSC-U.
  • Fixed the everlasting thunder cloud glitch.
  • Modified the GCT.
  • Various fixes for Mission Mode.
  • Added 4 more Spiky Topmen on 2-8.