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Yo, I do 3D modeling and other cool stuff. I've made some custom tracks below, please check them out. Uhhh... enjoy.

If you really think about it, humans are actually just burritos. Our skin is the tortilla, and all of our organs, fluids, and bones are the contents inside the burrito.

Discord: TacoJosh#6376

YouTube Channel

My Custom Tracks

Here's a list of all the custom tracks I have released and ones I am currently working on. Enjoy them!

Custom Tracks
Track Type Original Release Date Current Version Notes Released?
Digitally Enhanced Custom/Remake 2014-07-26 v2.2-Hotfix YES
FZMV Cloud Carpet Custom/Remake 2017-06-25 v1.1a YES
Honeybee Hideout Custom 2019-08-05 v1.3.1 YES
Snowbound Slopes Custom 2020-01-01 Beta YES
Coin Heaven Custom 2020-05-04 v1.01 YES
Fungal Jungle Custom 2020-06-26 v1.21 YES
Orbital Outpost Custom 2020-11-21 Beta Collab with Ferv. Update planned. YES
N64 Choco Mountain Retro/Remake 2021-02-28 v1.0 YES

By the way,

  • DO NOT use my tracks to make your own texture hacks.
  • DO NOT steal models from my track unless I gave you permission.
  • DO NOT leak any early builds and unreleased custom tracks of mine.
  • You cannot use an unfinished track of mine in your distribution until I officially add it to the wiki.
By the same author: TacoJosh