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I make custom tracks.

Discord: TacoJosh#4634

YouTube Channel

My Stuff

Here is a list of custom tracks I have released.

Track Original Release Date Current Version Notes
Digitally Enhanced 2014-07-26 v2.2-Hotfix
FZMV Cloud Carpet 2017-06-25 v1.1a
Honeybee Hideout 2019-08-05 v1.3.1
Snowbound Slopes 2020-01-01 Beta
Coin Heaven 2020-05-04 v2.0
Fungal Jungle 2020-06-26 v1.21
Orbital Outpost 2020-11-21 Beta Collab with Ferv.
N64 Choco Mountain 2021-02-28 v1.11
Frantic Foot Race Frenzy 2021-04-01 v1.1 April Fools Day track
TBD Something is in the works, but I don't know what.

Also, it would be very kind if you respect these rules.

  • Do not make any kind of texture mods based on my tracks.
  • Do not steal models from my tracks. If you must, please consult with me first.
  • If you plan to use custom objects from my tracks, please provide credit if used. Would be extra nice if you asked for permission too.
  • Do not leak any early builds and unreleased custom tracks of mine.
  • You cannot use an unfinished track of mine in your distribution until I officially add it to the wiki.
By the same author: TacoJosh