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I am TacoJosh and I make custom tracks for Mario Kart Wii. I'm an Animation student and I have experience with 2D and 3D animation. My modeling software of choice is Autodesk Maya, but I have used sketchup previously. I like to create custom tracks more as an art form. I don't play Mario Kart Wii so my tracks may suck, gameplay-wise. Feel free to ask me questions about track making, I might be able to answer them, but please do not request me to make stuff for you.

If you need to contact me, my Discord is TacoJosh#6376.

My Custom Tracks

Here's a list of all the custom tracks I have released and ones I am currently working on. Enjoy them!

Custom Tracks
Track Type Original Release Date Current Version Notes Released?
Digitally Enhanced Custom/Remake 2014-07-26 v2.2-Hotfix N/A YES
FZMV Cloud Carpet Custom/Remake 2017-06-25 v1.1a N/A YES
Honeybee Hideout Custom 2019-08-05 v1.3.1 Remake?? YES
Snowbound Slopes Custom 2020-01-01 Beta No planned Updates YES
Coin Heaven Custom 2020-05-04 v1.01 N/A YES
Fungal Jungle Custom 2020-06-26 Alpha Remake is in the works yes?
Orbital Outpost Custom 2020-11-21 Beta Collab with Ferv. Update planned. YES
Junkyard Junction Custom N/A N/A it's an industrial/Apocalyptic Track NO
Ghostly Garden Custom N/A N/A it's a Halloween themed track NO

By the way,

  • DO NOT use my tracks to make your own texture hacks.
  • DO NOT steal models from my track unless I gave you permission.
  • DO NOT leak any early builds and unreleased custom tracks of mine.
  • You cannot use an unfinished track of mine in your distribution until I officially add it to the wiki.
By the same author: TacoJosh