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A wiki dedicated to Custom Tracks, Texture Hacks and Custom Characters for Mario Kart Wii.
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Track download link removals in October 2017

On October 18th, 2017, MEGA and Mediafire have removed many uploaded Custom Tracks from their servers. Nintendo seems to enforce the removal of uploaded SZS files. Most of the files are saved in other archives though. Torran may have triggered this, he announced a similar action a few days before, and this wouldn't have been his first community-hostile activity. By October 20th, most of the tracks had a valid download link again, thanks to Wiimm who operates a Custom Track archive and Leseratte, Wexos and others who replaced all the download links with new ones.

However, Wiimms archive sadly did not contain all tracks — many Texture hacks and some Custom Tracks currently have no working download and may be lost forever. Leseratte has put together a list with all the missing tracks:

It contains a list of all the tracks which currently have no working download. We encourage everyone (Track creators, distribution creators and every other user of this Wiiki) to check in private archives or on other websites if these missing tracks are available elsewhere. If you find or have a track which is not available in this Wiiki, please reupload it and post the link to the Wiiki page so we can complete the Wiiki and provide download links for all custom content.

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  • Wiimmfi is a fan-made replacement for Nintendo WFC enabling online play for Mario Kart Wii and other games. The Wiimmfi server has been in operation since May 10, 2014.
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  • Leseratte and Wexos went through the complete track list and checked all tracks for availability. Most of them were found in Wiimm's archive, however, some are still lost. The Wiiki page Track takedowns shows a list of missing tracks. If you are a CT creator and still have your old tracks, or are a distribution creator or you just have many CTs archived, please take a look at that list and reupload the missing tracks you have.
  • TheZACAtac released a beta of the program ZAC's BAS Tool.
  • Ethanmark7199 updated Kamek's Library to v1.0.
  • There has been a notable widespread of dead download links of custom tracks. It seems that Nintendo is enforcing the removal of SZS files at many file hosters. All custom tracks are still available in different archives. Maybe Torran was the trigger. He announced such action some days before. And it was not the first community hostile activity of him.
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