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Introduction (Nintendo WFC)

Twice a month, it was possible to connect to the Mario Kart Channel and receive a tournament to play. It was quite similar to Mario Kart DS's Mission Mode. The player went in one of the 43 available courses and perform special tasks in slightly altered versions of the tracks.

Those tournaments have recently been cracked open, and are being turned into Custom Tracks, as you can see in this page.

Unfortunately, not all tournaments are possible to be turned into tracks, because they would not work as so (those include tournaments where you have to collect coins and pass through gates). Those also include tournaments that are the same as normal tracks (such as a kart-only race without item boxes, for example). But tournaments with backward tracks, races on battle arenas and harder versions of tracks are all possible to play on VS mode, so they're all being ripped.

It is possible to rip the tournaments from your savegame file called wc24dl.vff or you can dump MEM2 with USB Gecko and get the tournaments that way.

Tournament Archive

You can find an archive of tournament RKCT's here: Google Drive
Note: Only the latest tournaments are kept; tournaments that are repeats of older ones will overwrite and be listed under the first occurrence.

File names are formatted in this way: YYYY-MM-N.rkc

  • YYYY: Year of tournament
  • MM Month of tournament
  • N: Tournament number

You can also find a list of tournament information here.

Tournament Custom Tracks

Track Tournament Ripper
Delfino Pier Race MrBean35000vr
GCN Cookie Land Race MrBean35000vr
Grumble Volcano Backwards Race 4TLPati

Tournament Mode

Recently it was discovered a way to play ripped tournaments at the original way, using the Mario Kart Channel. This requires Riivolution 1.04 (for savegame patch) and savegame edit (with a hex editor).

Here is how to be able to play old ripped tournaments: Rip a savegame using Riivolution 1.04, you'll get 4 files, but the important one is wc24dl.vff. This one includes the tournament data. Open it in a hex editor and search for RKCT. Also open a tournament RKC file with a hex editor, paste the whole content of the RKC file at the savegame (at the RKCT).
Scroll down to check if after the data are many 00's, if so, save the file, and using a savegame patch you can play it. If not (the file is smaller than the original), clear all data after it until you see the 00's (make is 00). NOTE: the savegame have to be ripped during a tournament (not after the deadline), else you won't be able to load it (the tournament has already finished).

How to rip a savegame/how to make a savegame patch:

Both things are done at the same way. Use the XML below (save it as savepatch.xml or whatever and put in riivolution folder).

To rip: just load this for the first time, in /mkwii it will create a folder called saverip1, with 4 savegame files. Patch: load it again and the 4 files will be used instead of your old savegame


the xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<wiidisc version="1">
  <id game="RMC" disc="0" version="0">
    <region type="P"/>
    <region type="E"/>
    <region type="J"/>
    <region type="K"/>
<section name="Saverip/patch for tournaments" >
<option id="Patch savegame" default="0">

<choice name="Slot 1" >
<patch id="savepatch1 />



<patch id="savepatch1" >
<savegame external="/mkwii/saverip1" clone="true" />


Feel free to add more slots. (copy past both choice and patch sections and change the numbers) It's disabled by default.

Competitions at Wiimmfi

At 2016-05-10, the competitions (tournaments) are born again. Leseratte developed the code and also collected Nintendo's competition files. Only 4 competitions are missed.