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Discord Tag: ZPL#2005
Twitch: ZPL__
Youtube: ZPL

About Me

Sup. I'm ZPL, and I specialize in custom tracks, custom characters, and other mods for Mario Kart Wii!

Fun Facts

  • I have autism, so I do struggle with social and emotional problems, so if I ever do, bear with me.
  • My favorite video game is Super Mario Galaxy, and I was ecstatic when it was ported to the Switch.
  • My favorite custom track depends on the day, but most of the time, it is Desert Fort.
  • I stream on twitch go follow it lol

Custom Tracks

Note: I am only listing the tracks that I feel accomplished something. If you want my other tracks, look at my user link!

WIP Tracks

  • Delfino Township, a CT Jam track that I am remaking!
  • Sacred Abyss overhaul!
  • Constellation Carnival Remake
  • Track that is based on Skyline Mario Circuit.

and more but I'll leave them a surprise :p

By the same author: ZPL

Custom Tracks:
Grassy PlainsPetite TownSahara HideoutCliffside FallsFrigid WaterfallsLava PrisonMagmatic SanctuaryFrigid FreezewayGlistening HighwayRelic Fortress
Starshine AtollCascade KingdomMeadow IsleInto the MatrixNelsonside ValleyDivine ParadiseShining CavernsQuag BeachSacred Abyss

Green Hill ZoneLuigi's IslandKingdom of GhostsLunar Speedway ‎– Birdo IslandCannon City IIIHorror ValleyUniverse SandsoilDelfino BeachMushroom Valley
Volcanic Skyway

Retro Tracks:
GBA Bowser Castle 1N64 Kalimari Desert ‎– SNES Mario Circuit 1DS Mario CircuitDS Cheep Cheep BeachSNES Bowser Castle 23DS DK JungleDS DK Pass
SNES Donut Plains 33DS Mario CircuitSNES Rainbow RoadGCN Yoshi CircuitN64 Banshee BoardwalkN64 Luigi Raceway3DS Cheep Cheep LagoonGBA Snow Land
GBA Cheese LandSNES Donut Plains 2SNES Donut Plains 1GBA Yoshi DesertSNES Mario Circuit 2

4IT★Clown's RoadWii U Dolphin ShoalsExiled CampsiteWater Rock WorldYankees' OctagonMP9 Toad RoadYoshi's IsletToxic Forest
Shifting Sand LandUndiscovered OfflimitSky BeachSky CourtyardFaraway LandCascade Jungle

Texture Hacks:
Jungle MountainCheep Cheep CapeApocalyptic DungeonWorlds EndHyrule TownSkyline Mario CircuitGloomy Mall

Custom Characters:
Goku on Flame RunnerEevee on Mini BeastIncineroar on Flame RunnerVillager on Mach BikeTostarenanMusician Mario on Mach BikeHammer Bro
Alolan Marowak on Mach Bike

ZPL's Track CollectionLegacy Kart WiiZPL Kart Wii