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The Public and Collaborative Nature of this Wiki

Any logged-in user may edit the publicly editable pages of this Wiki. By doing so, editors create a published document and a public record of every word added, subtracted, or changed. This is a public act, and editors are identified as the author of such changes. All contributions made to this Wiki, and all publicly available information about those contributions, and all files linked to by the article, are irrevocably licensed and may be freely copied, quoted, reused and adapted by third parties with few restrictions.

Published Works Policy

  • You are only allowed to post freely usable content on this wiki. All posted content must be freely accessible without password or registration on other internet platforms.
  • The meaning of content includes custom tracks, fonts, characters, texture hacks, objects, programs and all similar things.
  • Posting content to the Wiki grants every current and future Wiiki user the right to use this content for Distributions, to modify this content and to release updated versions of the contents while giving credit to the content creator, even when later removing said content from the Wiki.
  • All posted content is the property of its respective creators, including, but not limited to, textures, models, layout and design. Mario Kart is created by Nintendo. The Custom Track Wiiki is in no way affiliated with Nintendo or its associates.
  • If you are editing another author's work, first contact the author of the original content. If he officially allows you to edit his work, do so and release it as update. If the author claims he will do an update himself, give him a reasonable amount of time to do so. If the author disagrees with your edit, you can still edit the content and post it as an update, but you must leave a download link to the last official version of the original creator on the page, too.
  • Custom content, once added to the Wiiki, can be included in any Distribution, even if removed from the Wiiki in the future, and the content itself may get mirrored by Wiiki users even if the original download link is deleted.
  • If content not available on the Wiiki will be included in a distribution available on the Wiiki, either the track author or the distribution author must publish that content on the Wiiki, too.
  • If that content has been modified to only work with a specially modified version of Mario Kart Wii (because it relies on a weird behaviour of that distribution, is encrypted or otherwise obfuscated), the distribution creator must include the necessary patches for all three main regions (PAL, USA, JAP) to make that content work in vanilla Mario Kart Wii.
  • If the distribution creator does not agree to publish these patches, the track author must provide a second version of said content which does not require these patches, while not changing anything unrelated to the removal of the requirement of said patches. This explicitly includes tracks in distributions where content is normally stored encrypted — the content author is responsible for releasing an unencrypted version which is otherwise identical to the encrypted version.