List of Retro Tracks from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

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This is a list of all tracks from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (Arcade) and its spin-off Mario Kart Arcade GP VR (Arcade) that have been ported to Mario Kart Wii as Custom Tracks.

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Most of the tracks found in this game are modified variations of tracks found in Mario Kart Arcade GP 1 & 2. Therefore, any port(s) from either game that is initially the same track will be linked accordingly to it's counterpart from this title.

Toad Cup
Title Author
1. DX Peach Castle None
2. DX Kingdom Way None
Mario Cup
Title Author
1. DX Splash Circuit None
2. DX Tropical Coast SuperMario64DS, DJ Lowgey
(GP Mario Beach)
Don-chan Cup
Title Author
1. DX Bon Dance Street None
2. DX Omatsuri Circuit None
Bowser Jr. Cup
Title Author
1. DX Aerial Road None
2. DX Sky Arena None
Bowser Cup
Title Author
1. DX Bowser's Factory None
2. DX Bowser's Castle None
Pac-Man Cup (DLC)
Title Author
3. DX PAC-MAN Stadium None
4. DX NAMCO Circuit None