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This is a list of Mario Kart Wii tracks in which the track has been changed in a way more than just modifying its textures. Objects and models might be added or removed, the AI or routes altered, or collision settings changed, creating a different gameplay experience from the original. Unlike Texture Hacks, most of these levels are not compatible as replacements of the original Nintendo tracks for online play. See the List of Texture Hacked Tracks for levels in which only the textures and theme have been changed.


Title Base Author
Ant Ant Meadows Moo Moo Meadows Floogal
Ant Ant Ruins Dry Dry Ruins Floogal
Ant's Cape Koopa Cape Floogal
Ant's Factory Toad's Factory Floogal
Ant's Mall Coconut Mall Floogal
Ant's Summit DK Summit Floogal
Ant's Treehouse Maple Treeway Floogal
Ant's Volcano Grumble Volcano Floogal
Antview Highway Moonview Highway Floogal
Boost Gravity Koopa Cape Koopa Cape KiwiPowerGreen, SeaPowerBlue
Boost Gravity N64 Bowser's Castle N64 Bowser's Castle KiwiPowerGreen
Boost Ruins Dry Dry Ruins Potatoman44
GBA Bowser Castle 3 but You Have to Do the Glitch GBA Bowser Castle 3 Hman6516, SlipperyMac
N64 Bowser's Castle (Boost) N64 Bowser's Castle KiwiPowerGreen
Bowser's Castle but You Have to Do the Glitch Bowser's Castle Hman6516, SlipperyMac
N64 Bowser's Castle Classic N64 Bowser's Castle SuperOnion64
N64 Bowser's Castle R N64 Bowser's Castle Gold'N Zic 23
Bowser's Fiery Circuit Mario Circuit Potatoman44
Bowser's Ice Palace 2 GBA Bowser Castle 3 ALPHAMARIOX
Cataquack Falls DS Yoshi Falls Toxic Prime
Chex Mix Bouncy Castle N64 Bowser's Castle SlitherySheep
Chocoshroom Ridge DS Yoshi Falls marionose1
Classic DS Peach Gardens DS Peach Gardens Skipper93653
Cleo's Temple Dry Dry Ruins Teknik
Coconut Mall (Battle Arena) Coconut Mall JimmyKaz
Coconut Mall (Parking Lot Rampage) Coconut Mall JimmyKaz
Coconut Mall but You Have to Do the Glitch Coconut Mall Hman6516, SlipperyMac
Crystal Lake N64 Sherbet Land Teknik
Death Shrimp GBA Bowser Castle 3 KiwiPowerGreen
Donkey Town Coconut Mall Teknik
DS Delfino Square (Midcity Rampage) DS Delfino Square JimmyKaz
DS Distorted Falls DS Yoshi Falls HackerCop
Dry Dry Lake N64 Sherbet Land igorseabra4
Dry Dry Raceway N64 Mario Raceway TheMostOGName
Funky's Piranha Playground GBA Bowser Castle 3 HackerCop
Ghost Town DS Delfino Square Teknik
SNES Ghost Valley 2 but You Have to Do the Glitch SNES Ghost Valley 2 Hman6516, SlipperyMac
SNES Ghost Valley 2: Hard Version SNES Ghost Valley 2 Gito
Ghost Wall SNES Ghost Valley 2 Teknik
Giant Bridge Town DS Delfino Square Potatoman44
Green Ant Circuit Luigi Circuit Floogal
Grumble Volcano but You Have to Do the Glitch Grumble Volcano Hman6516, SlipperyMac
Hard DK Summit DK Summit KiwiPowerGreen
Hard Toad's Factory Toad's Factory KiwiPowerGreen
The Hidden Track Under Moo Moo Meadows Moo Moo Meadows KiwiPowerGreen
Invisible Road Rainbow Road HackStarz
Jungle Raceway N64 Mario Raceway Jasperr
La Ligne Verte RR Rainbow Road Teknik
Land of the Mega Moo Moos Moo Moo Meadows DryBowser
Lava Falls DS Yoshi Falls Trainiax
Lava Valley SNES Ghost Valley 2 MKWLH1000
N64 Lost Castle N64 Bowser's Castle Teknik
Luigi Circuit but It's Scaled 30× on the X Axis Luigi Circuit Potatoman44
Luigi Circuit R Luigi Circuit EC2Joshi
Luigi Circuit (Colossal Courses) Luigi Circuit marionose1
Luigi Circuit (Freerun) Luigi Circuit Ro
Luigi Circuit (Offroad Swap) Luigi Circuit marionose1
Luigi Circuit (Stretched) Luigi Circuit marionose1
Luigi Circuit (Tilted) Luigi Circuit XanderKartWii
Luigi Circuit (Tiny Tracks) Luigi Circuit marionose1
Luigi's Desert Luigi Circuit HackSizer
Lunar Circuit Luigi Circuit masterkirbyxd
Maple Treeway but You Can Drive Anywhere Maple Treeway HackerCop
Mario Circuit but the Floor is Lava Mario Circuit Lovelifeandtpose024
Mario Circuit but You Have to Do the Glitch Mario Circuit Hman6516, SlipperyMac
Mario Desert Mario Circuit Bri
Meme Trick Valley SNES Ghost Valley 2 KiwiPowerGreen
Midnight City Falls DS Yoshi Falls HackStarz
GBA Motor Way GBA Bowser Castle 3 Teknik
Mushroom Gorge but the Floor is Lava Mushroom Gorge Yosh
Mushroom Gorge but the Mushroom Types are Switched Mushroom Gorge DryBowser
Mushroom Gorge but You Have to Do the Glitch Mushroom Gorge Hman6516, SlipperyMac
Mushroom Hell Mushroom Gorge Toxic Prime
Object Moonbase SNES Ghost Valley 2 KiwiPowerGreen
Orange Ant Circuit Daisy Circuit Floogal
Palexpo Bike GCN Waluigi Stadium Teknik
Peach Beach but it's District 65 GCN Peach Beach Toxic Prime
Peach Beach Loop GCN Peach Beach DryBowser
Penalty Track Mushroom Gorge alipareedanse12
Poison Mushroom Cave Mushroom Gorge Potatoman44
Rainbow Ant Rainbow Road Floogal
Rainbow Gorge Mushroom Gorge TheMostOGName
3DS Rainbow Road GCN Waluigi Stadium SpyKid
GCN Real Mario GCN Mario Circuit Teknik
Red Ant Circuit Mario Circuit Floogal
Rotated Wario's Gold Mine Wario's Gold Mine KiwiPowerGreen
Sakupen Valley R/T SNES Ghost Valley 2 HackStarz
Skyline Circuit SNES Mario Circuit 3 Jasperr
Small but Tall Cape Koopa Cape Potatoman44
Small but Tall Mall Coconut Mall Potatoman44
Small but Tall Summit DK Summit Potatoman44
Small but Tall Treeway Maple Treeway Potatoman44
Small but Tall Valley SNES Ghost Valley 2 Potatoman44
Snow Jungle DK's Jungle Parkway Teknik
Snow Mario SNES Mario Circuit 3 Teknik
Space Raceway N64 Mario Raceway Rz
GCN Sticky Mountain GCN DK Mountain MarkAlbertsma03
Sunset Way SNES Mario Circuit 3 mkwjason
SunSki DK Summit Teknik
Team Magma's Field SNES Mario Circuit 3 Retrostyle12
TeamTrees Garden DS Peach Gardens Potatoman44
TRON Circuit Mario Circuit JJMaC 047
Tropical Manege Grumble Volcano AlphaFlame
True Mushroom Peaks Mushroom Gorge HackStarz
Twisted Circuit Luigi Circuit HackerCop
Unrealistic Mall Coconut Mall Potatoman44
Vanilla Bay GCN Peach Beach Bruh de la Boi
Volcano Manege Grumble Volcano HackSizer
Vroom Vroom Meadows Moo Moo Meadows Bruh de la Boi
Wario's Gold Mine but You Have to Do the Glitch Wario's Gold Mine Hman6516, SlipperyMac
Wario's Gold Mine: Tour Wario's Gold Mine HackerCop
Warped Mario Circuit Mario Circuit HackerCop
Winter Circuit Mario Circuit TheMostOGName
Yoshi Road N64 Mario Raceway Teknik
Yoshi Thwomps DS Yoshi Falls KiwiPowerGreen


Title Base Author
SNES Battle Course 4 (Race) SNES Battle Course 4 MarkAlbertsma03
Block Plaza (Race) Block Plaza Brawlboxgaming
Chain Chomp Wheel Chain Chomp Wheel mkwjason
Classic DS Twilight House DS Twilight House Skipper93653
GCN Cookie Land (Race) GCN Cookie Land Brawlboxgaming
GCN Cookie Land (tournament) GCN Cookie Land MrBean35000vr
Delfino Pier (Race) Delfino Pier Brawlboxgaming
Delfino Pier (tournament) Delfino Pier MrBean35000vr
Galaxy Colosseum Galaxy Colosseum igorseabra4
Lecce Battle Thwomp Desert 4IT-Lecce
Lee's SNES Battle Course 4 SNES Battle Course 4 ALPHAMARIOX
N64 Skyscraper N64 Skyscraper Brawlboxgaming
N64 Skyscraper VS Race N64 Skyscraper Ro
DS Twilight House (Race) DS Twilight House Brawlboxgaming
DS Twilight House DS Twilight House mkwjason

Custom Tracks

This section categorizes custom tracks that have been modified in a way that cannot be named as texture hacks only, such as tracks with edited KMP and custom collision.

Title Base Author
Alpine Peak 2020 Alpine Peak MysterE99
Blue Ruin Labyrinth Ruin Labyrinth Caron
Cave Kinoko Cave DryBowser
Christmas Court Cliffside Court Luke Chandler
Dark Blue Speedway Sky Speedway Caron
Dark Mushroom Peaks Mushroom Peaks Caron
Duckshroom Peaks Mushroom Peaks Seeky
Fiery Kinoko Cave R Kinoko Cave marionose1
Forest Way Sunset Forest Teknik
Hyrule Dogs Chomp Valley Teknik
Kinoko Cave T Kinoko Cave Bruh de la Boi
Madness 2019 Mansion of Madness KantoEpic
Mario Valley 3 SNES Ghost Valley 3 Retrostyle12
Mushroom Park GCN Baby Park TheMostOGName
Mushroom Peaks R Mushroom Peaks Bruh de la Boi
N64 Moo Moo Farm R N64 Moo Moo Farm MarkAlbertsma03
Ocean Circuit Defi Ocean Circuit Keiichi1996, NinYoda1
Penguin Canyon Defi Penguin Canyon NinYoda1
Purple Peaks -2 Purple Peaks KiwiPowerGreen
Releasio Cave Kinoko Cave TheMostOGName
SNES Choco Island 1R SNES Choco Island 1 MarkAlbertsma03
SNES Donut Plains 1R SNES Donut Plains 1 MarkAlbertsma03
SNES Donut Plains 2R SNES Donut Plains 2 MarkAlbertsma03
SNES Koopa Beach 2R SNES Koopa Beach 2 MarkAlbertsma03
SNES Mario Circuit 1R SNES Mario Circuit 1 MarkAlbertsma03
SNES Vanilla Lake 1R SNES Vanilla Lake 1 MarkAlbertsma03
Teknik's Mushroom Peaks Mushroom Peaks Teknik
Turnpike 2018 N64 Toad's Turnpike KantoEpic
Wario's Galactic Road GCN Wario Colosseum Rukasudo90