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AlmostTWD98 and AlmostTWD98.2
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Instagram: AlmostTWD98 AlmostTWD98.2
Twitter: AlmostTWD98
Discord: AlmostTWD98 #0086 AlmostTWD98.2 #1365
Twitch: AlmostTWD98 AlmostTWD982
Gamebanana: AlmostTWD98 AlmostTWD98.2
CTGP-Revolution: 5245-8716-2627 (AlmosTWD98) 4902-2770-7233 (ATWD98.2)
Nintendo Switch: SW-2218-0520-2727 SW-3676-3982-7879
Fandoms: AlmostTWD98 TBA

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Hello! I’m AlmostTWD98. My other names are AlmosTWD98, AlmostTWD98>>, AlmostTWD98.2 and AlmostTWD982. I’m currently working on some distributions. After that, I will make some music, character, texture and custom track packs based on the distributions. Below is a helpful table.

Type AlmostTWD98’s Favourites (100% complete) Top Secret (?% complete) Top Secret 2 (0% complete)
Custom Track Distribution
Texture Distribution
Music Track Distribution
Character Distribution
Currently Working On
Versions v1.0, v2.0, v2.0-alt

I play a lot of games. They are listed here. My favourite games are Mario Kart Wii + CTGP-Revolution, Wii Sports Resort and Mario Kart 7. My favourite tracks in CTGP-Revolution and other distributions are 3DS Maka Wuhu, Spacy Space Race, GCN Baby Park and Mushroom Peaks and 3DS Wuhu Loop.

Please do NOT repetitively ask to befriend me on CTGP-Revolution, be my buddy on Gamebanana, etc. I will select very few people.

By the same author: AlmostTWD98

If you are bored, why not search for the hidden secrets for unreleased content on this page?