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I'm HackerCop and one of my hobbies is Wii modding and producing Custom tracks. At the moment I'm learning how to create Cheat Codes for the game/ASM coding using these tutorials so huge thanks to Vega for writing them. I'm also working on my new custom track DK Jungle Run. As for Wii modding my greatest homebrew achievement is when I installed Windows 3.1 on my Wii via Dosbox Wii.

I was experimenting with ripping Minecraft models and making custom tracks from them however due to their high poly count I was having trouble with BrawlCrate and kept getting the error message Object reference not set to instance of an object. If anyone has experience with this error I would appreciate help and advice on my talk page.

Latest mod:

Bowser's Gothic Castle

DK Jungle Run CT

At the moment I'm modelling my latest CT DK Jungle Run. This track is based on a rally track in a forest. The forest was created by ripping tree models from other Nintendo tracks and placing them randomly on the course using the Particle Instance Modifier in blender. Below is a screenshot of the beta version in gameplay.

DK Jungle Run CT Beta preview in gameplay.jpg