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I'm HackerCop and one of my hobbies is Wii modding and producing Custom tracks. At the moment I'm learning how to add Shadows to my in-progress custom track Bowser's Gothic Castle using the blender cycles render engine. As for Wii modding my greatest homebrew achievement is when I installed Windows 3.1 on my Wii via Dosbox Wii.

I'm want to make more texture hacks as I have good photo editing skills but its really a matter of time and priorities.

I was experimenting with ripping Minecraft models and making custom tracks from them however due to their high poly count I was having trouble with BrawlCrate and kept getting the error message Object reference not set to instance of an object. If anyone has experience with this error I would appreciate help and advice on my talk page.

Latest mod:

Bowser's Gothic Castle

Perplexes CT remake

I was thinking about remaking my first CT, Perplexus with blender to practise shadow mapping and to increase my custom track skills. This track was originally made in Sketchup when I was a beginner and is full of KCL glitches and other bugs. I will probably rip a course from a Nintendo track/texture hack and use that for the background.