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Just updating old tracks I guess.
You are free to edit, update, or use anything I release Here.
If you are interested in any unreleased track feel free to ask for them on discord.

Track Updates

Oh ok
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Oh ok#0560

Name Date of Release Latest Version
SM64 Whomp's Fortress 2018-11-11 RC3.1
Alphina 2018-12-6 RC2.1
Hidden Land 2019-03-11 Beta 2
Unnamed (Maurice6912) 2019-04-10 v2.0
Peach's Ruined Castle 2019-04-26 v1.0a
Luigi Park 2019-05-04 Beta 2
Block's Castle 2019-05-04 RC2
Pipe Circuit 2019-05-15 RC2
Blue Sky Box 2019-05-15 RC2
GCN Baby Park (Ugotowned35000vr) 2019-06-08 RC1.1
GBA Bowser Castle 1 (Ugotowned35000vr) 2019-06-08 Beta 2
Minecrafteer3 Oval 2019-06-21 Beta 2
IuCat03's Road 2019-06-21 v1.3
Riru's Course 2019-07-11 v1.5
Night Fortress 2019-07-11 v1.5
Random Rainbows 2019-08-07 RC3
Kinoko Garden 2019-08-07 Beta 2
Penguin Canyon Defi 2019-08-25 v1.1
Glacial Pics 2019-09-10 v4.5
Rempart Road 2 2019-09-10 v1.5
Temple Bay 2 2019-09-10 v1.5
Volcanic Loop 2019-09-10 RC2
Volcano Island (NinYoda1) 2019-09-10 v1.5
Lair Land 2019-09-15 v1.0
Sky Heaven 2020-01-11 RC2
Rainbow Dream 2020-01-11 RC2
Rainbow Mountain 2020-01-11 RC2
Tsutomu's River 2020-02-05 RC4.5
Crazy Mountain 2020-02-05 RC3
Lizard Maze 2020-02-05 v5.5

Custom Tracks

Name Date of Release Latest Version
PMWR King's Kourse 2019-03-03 Beta

To Be Updated and Unreleased

Name Priority Notes
Sky Speedway High General update.
Moo Moo Highway High General update.
Diddy Kong Circuit High General update.
Mushroom City Medium General update.
PMWR Cloud Garden Medium Change fish statue kcl to prevent a softlock.
Mushroom Cliff Medium General update, Make the two ending hills less steep,
add some weird blocky geometry.
Snowy Sky Medium Model update.
Bowser's Nightmare Low General update, add some bc3 walls.
Paradise Cliffs Low General update, needs scale up.
Koopa Canyon Low Model remake. like a smaller Koopa Cape(?)
Rusty Garden Low Model Remake, Similar to DS Peach Gardens.
Trick Mountain Low Model Remake, like Rocky Cliff.
Sunside Circuit None General update.
Forest Path None General update.
Daisy City Raceway None Model remake, like Daisy Circuit and Moonview Highway.
would have used tunnels to connect the two themes.
The Hardest Course
Harder than Mushroom Peaks
None Model remake, basically a harder version of Red Loop where
each lap the track gets smaller using falling volcano rocks.
I was never able to get them to work so this went nowhere.
Red Sector A None General update, had issues with cpus not wanting to follow the road.
This would have been released around winter 2018.
Funky Jumps None An old Sketchup track themed around funky stadium and crazy jumps.
Unfortunately they don't work very well.
Mellow Meadows None An old Sketchup track themed around Moo Moo Meadows in the evening.
Kind of similar to Alphina.
kinoko Track None An old Sketchup track themed around Mushroom Gorge(?)
Pretty boring with long straightaways.
Snow Track None An old Sketchup track that partially takes place in a snow cave.
With way to many tricks.
PMWR Retro Maze None Doesn't play very well with mkwii physics.
PMWR Pirate Cove None Doesn't play very well with mkwii physics.
PMWR Molten Mountain None Doesn't play very well with mkwii physics.