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Discord: ANoob#1659
YouTube: YouTube
Twitch: Twitch


Hello, I'm ANoob, and I make custom tracks and play Mario Kart Wii. Feedback on my tracks is encouraged. If you are going to update my tracks it would be nice to ask first. If you are looking for help on something feel free to ask!

My Custom Tracks

Name Version Information
Arctic Mines V1.1
Bowser's Lava Lair V1.2
Dinner Dash V1.0 First released track. Remake at some future time.
Haunted Farmyard Alpha Not Released.
Mini Arena V1.0 A collaborative work, modeled by Yoshi74 and made playable by ChisSilver64 and myself.
Old Glory Park Alpha Not Released.
One Super Race Beta 3
Paradise Gardens Beta A collaborative work, modeled and designed by Aidan190903 and made playable by myself.
Rainbow Galaxy V1.3
Snake Way Beta Based off of Snake Way from Dragon Ball Z.
Spooky Circuit Beta 3
The Elfin V1.1 Pirate ship with very short laps.
Toad Town V1.1 Remade to better match Toad Town from Paper Mario.
Toy Story Pre-Alpha Actual name to be determined. The track is based off of Andy's room in Toy Story.
Yellow Brick Road Beta Based off of the movie The Wizard of Oz.

Tracks I Have Updated

Name Update Information
Athletic Raceway Various improvements.
Bowser Land Scaled track down and removed mushrooms. Large improvements to game play as well as a new background model.
Bowser's Lava Base Respawn and other minor fixes.
GBA_Bowser_Castle_2_(Odie5776) Collision fixes and various game play improvements.
Halfmoon Island Minor checkpoint fixes.
Orange_Loop_(SpartaYoshi) KCL Fixes.
Toad's Golf Large amount of fixes to KCL and KMP, including checkpoint glitches.
Toxic Labs Checkpoint and respawn Fixes.
Toxic Moon Large improvements to the visuals such as crystals and acid vortex. Remade various sections.
Underground Ruins Fixed a freeze by changing truck wagon settings.