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I arrived late on the Mario Kart Wii scene. I played on my sister's Wii from time to time, and loved the game. I purchased my Wii in the fall of 2017, and frequently can be seen playing online. Custom tracks are my favorite to play, and I have since become interested in making my own custom tracks. Feel free to contact me about track bugs or if you need help on your own tracks.

Custom Tracks

Name Version Information
Bowser's Lava Lair V1.0 Enemy Routes could be better.
Dinner Dash V1.0 Working on v2.0 which will be a complete remake.
One Super Race Beta Texture mapping improvements in the future.
Rainbow Galaxy V1.3
Spooky Circuit Beta 1

In progress (Not Yet Released):

  • Snake Way
By the same author: ANoob