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Discord: POTATOMAN44#3037
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Hello, I'm a new creator and I would like to share my custom tracks, texture hacks, track edits and more! I do have Discord so you can add me on Discord, username is POTATOMAN44#3037. If I do anything wrong then let me know!



If you want to update any of my tracks, ask me on Discord and I'll let you know if you can update it or not.

Small but Tall Tracks

I also have some tracks named 'the Small but Tall Tracks', these tracks are track edits made with Wiimm's SZS Tools, it makes the tracks half the size on the x and z-axes but the same size on the y-axis, making the track, well, small but still tall!

Tracks Information Bugs
Small but Tall Cape Track edit of Koopa Cape 1st place starts off the track
Small but Tall Treeway Track edit of Maple Treeway Some players start inside the track
Small but Tall Mall Track edit of Coconut Mall No known bugs
Small but Tall Summit Track edit of DK Summit some players start off the track
Small but Tall Valley Track edit of SNES Ghost Valley Unknown