Wii Thwomp Desert

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This article is about the nitro battle arena. For the custom track, see Thwomp Desert.

Thwomp Desert is a nitro battle arena from Mario Kart Wii. It is the last stage of the Wii Stages.

Original Version (14:17)

Other than the version by Nintendo, there are currently no versions available.

List of available WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Wii Thwomps Woestijn
French: Wii Désert Thwomp
German: Wii Steinwüste
Italian: Wii Deserto Twomp
Japanese: Wii ドッスンさばく
Korean: Wii 쿵쿵 사막
Portuguese: Wii Deserto Tumbo (NTSC)
Wii Deserto do Granitão (PAL)
Russian: Wii Пустыня Бамса
Spanish: Wii Desierto de Thwomp (NTSC)
Wii Desierto Roca Picuda (PAL)
Greek: Wii Έρημος Μπαμτωμάτων
Polish: Wii Pustynia Thwompów
Finnish: Wii Thwomp-aavikko
Swedish: Wii Thwompöknen
Czech: Wii Poušť Thwompů
Danish: Wii Thwomp-ørkenen