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Avatar: Hman New Picture.png
YouTube: YouTube Channel: Hman6516
Discord: Hman6516#2342

About Me

Hey, guys! I am Hman6516, a member of the Custom Mario Kart Community. I love making custom tracks in my free time, while also playing others' tracks. Recently, my free time has been lacking, but I have a feeling that will change in a while. I stumbled across this huge community when I created my first course and I found a video that BillyNoodles had posted on his YouTube. He told me later about the Discord servers, where I have met some pretty cool folks. After two years of being involved, I can now create a relatively decent custom track! I know how to add shadows to custom tracks using Blender, however, I stick with using SketchUp to create my models, If you have any questions for me, or just wanna discuss Mario Kart related things that may be troubling you, reach out to me via Discord.

I am also working on a custom track distribution with BillyNoodles. We are putting our own tracks into it and some are made by other creators, who have their own cup in the distribution.

And another thing, you would be doing me a great favor by subscribing to my YouTube channel. So far, all I have posted is Rocket League, but Mario Kart videos will probably come later as well. Maybe I can showcase some of my tracks (and their updates)...

My Custom Tracks (Relatively out of date)

Name Status/Version Date Released
Cannon Course v0.1 2018-2-23
Grass Blast v1.0 2018-3-13
Grass Loop v0.9 2018-3-14
Magma Chamber v1.5 2019-06-24
Crazy Chasm v1.0 2018-05-23
Barren Badlands v1.0 2018-05-23