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Avatar: Hman's Avatar.png
YouTube: Hman6516
Discord: Hman#4299

About Me

Hello, everyone! I am Hman, a member of the Custom Mario Kart Community. I joined the Community around mid-February of 2018. I like making Custom Tracks and playing others' tracks. I also sometimes attempt Tool-Assisted Speedrunning (TAS), and I play MKW Worldwides quite often, in which I rank around 8500 VR. Recently, I've been working on updates to my tracks, and I have been working with SlipperyMac on a super secret update to a not-so-secret distribution! I stumbled across this huge community when I created my first course. I found a video that BillyNoodles had posted on his YouTube channel, showcasing my somewhat lacking track. He told me later about the Discord servers, where I have met some pretty cool folks. After two and a half years of being involved, I can now create a relatively decent custom track! I know how to add shadows to custom tracks using Blender, and I use both Blender and SketchUp to create my models. If you have any questions for me, or just want to discuss Mario Kart related things that may be troubling you, reach out to me via Discord.

I am the owner of the Discord server called Custom Track Jams. This sever holds track building competitions. You can find out more on the Custom Track Jams page. Many CT Jams have happened, and I achieved 1st place in the first ever Jam with my track, Mouse Hole Mania.

And another thing, check out my YouTube Channel! On my channel, I play and TAS Mario Kart Wii, and I also showcase my tracks. Alongside Mario Kart Wii, I also play Rocket League.

My "Projects" (Very Early Access)
Name Status/Version Date Released
Hman's Minigames v0.1 2021-01-08
Hman's Deathrun v0.1 2021-01-08
Manor of Escape v0.9 2021-01-08

Explanation of above content: These projects were started to push the boundaries of Mario Kart Wii modding. I thought it would be cool to use in-game techniques and mechanics to create levels that could be challenging to complete, and so far, my adventure has been quite successful. I think that I will continue to further develop these projects and find out truly how far one can go with this sort of thing.

My Custom Tracks
Name Version Release Date Personal Ranking
Barren Badlands v1.0 2018-09-14 Good
Barren Badlands v2.0 2020-05-16 Bad
Bounce v1.0 2020-05-04 Bad
Cannon Course v0.3 2018-07-31 Bad
Copy Paste Circuit v1.0 2018-03-14 Bad
Frenetic Facility v1.01 2020-03-30 Good
Grass Blast v1.0 2018-03-13 Bad
Grass Loop v0.9 2018-03-14 Bad
Magma Chamber v1.6 2020-05-16 Good
Mouse Hole Mania v1.1 2020-05-19 Great
Crazy Chasm v1.7 2019-11-08 Great
Hman's Evening Cross v1.0 2018-05-30 Decent
Mountain Caverns v1.0 2019-07-22 Decent
Midnight Run v1.0 2019-06-11 Decent
Ring of Fire v1.0 2020-08-11 Great
Ruins Raceway v1.0 2020-05-29 Decent
Shell Speedway v0.9 2020-03-21 Decent
Shipyard v1.0 2020-06-10 Good
Skyline View Beta 2 2018-07-26 Bad
Troy's Teespring Trek v1.1 2020-06-14 Good
Village Passthrough v1.9 2020-1-20 Great

My Texture Hacks
Name Status/Version Date Released
Agency Hills v1.0 2020-04-07
DK's Spring Summit v1.0 2020-04-07

My Vehicle Pack
Name Status/Version Date Released
Hman's Vehicle Pack v1.0 2020-04-20

My Contributions
Name Status/Version Date Released Author
Gingivitis Is Bad v2.0 2020-02-01 BillyNoodles
Tower Loop v1.0 2018-08-04 Jaymerzi