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Avatar: Avatar caronht.png
Discord: Ꮸaron#5847 (Almost inactive)
Youtube: 87156422(New) 81fdeea4(Old)

Hello, my name is Caron. I'm a Japanese CT creator.
Most of my old youtube videos are now private because of personal reason. If you watch these videos, please watch from here.

Custom Tracks

Name Version Information / About update
3DS Wufu Loop Alpha Ported from Wii Fit. No update scheduled.
GCN Rainbow Road v1.3 v1.4 is planning.
Green Park v2.8b Remake is planning
Sky Beach v1.0c-hotfix Remake is planning because multi player bug in the current version may not be able to fix.
Subspace Factory v1.31 No update scheduled.
Underground Sky (Remake) v1.5 Based on RC4. No update scheduled.
??? Remake (2 or 3 tracks)

Motivation: Other game>Remake>Sky Beach>>>>...>>>>Green Park>>>>...>>>>GCN Rainbow Road

Texture Hacks

Most of download link are dead, but you can download a file if have a page on this wiki.

Name Version Video
8bit Mario Circuit v1
Dark Mario Circuit v1
Dark Luigi Circuit v1
Deep Woods v1.1
Final Destination v1
Galaxy Road v3 alt (v3)
Grass Circuit v1
Grass Falls v2 (v1)
Green Forest v2 (v1)
Green Swamp v3
Gritzy Desert v2
Ice Gorge v1
Metal Castle v4.1
Metal Valley v2
Morning Jungle v2.3
Night Hills v1
Peach's Castle v1
Purple Bowser Castle v1
Space Ice Land v1
Shadow Bowser Castle v2.1
Subspace Road v5.5
Wild Mountain v1

Track Edits

Name Video information
Mushroom Peaks(Dark) youtube (1:23)
Illusion Canyon youtube RC1.alt is my edit version.
Kinoko Cave(old version) youtube This track edit is backward version.
Lava Road RC1.4 and RC2.0a are my edit version.
Road by Road youtube v1.1 is my edit version.
Ruin Labyrinth youtube (4:35)
Thwomp Desert youtube RC2 is my edit version.


Stop Graphic Effect Animation

Crazy Mii's Shape

Funny Model Animation

By the same author: Caron