8-Bit Mario Circuit (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Texture)

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8-Bit Mario Circuit
Author: Caron
Type: Retro
Version: v1
Release date: 2011-11-19
Download: Google Drive


Imagine playing Super Mario Bros., back to the good old days. Think of the textures they used in the game. They were "sprites". The "sprites" are returned here, using SNES Mario Circuit 3 as a base, most likely the origin (Super Mario Kart) is on the SNES, the sequel of Super Mario Bros.' console, the NES.


By the same author: Caron

Custom Tracks:
GCN Rainbow RoadGreen ParkNeon DimensionSky BeachSubspace Factory

Underground Sky

Texture Hacks:
8-Bit Mario Circuit — Dark Mario/Luigi Circuit — Deep Woods
Galaxy RoadPurple Bowser CastleShadow Bowser Castle
Space Ice LandSubspace Road

Custom Font:

Crazy FunkyBlue Ruin LabyrinthDark Blue SpeedwayDark Mushroom Peaks

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