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Hello, my name is Caron. I make Custom tracks when I want to do.

Custom Tracks (Alphabetical)

Name Version Information / About update
3DS Wuhu Loop Alpha Ported from Wii Fit. No update scheduled.
GCN Rainbow Road v1.3 I'll remake this track if I have time in real life.
Green Park v2.8b Same as above.
Neon Dimension v0.1-hotfix My 4th original track. Inspired by this video.
Sky Beach v1.1
Subspace Factory v1.31 No update scheduled.
Underground Sky (Remake) v1.5 Based on RC4. No update scheduled.
???(maybe Stronghold Castle) Remade track.

Motivation: Remake,Sky Beach>Green Park,GCN Rainbow Road

By the same author: Caron