White Garden

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White Garden
Creator: SpyKid, Block, LuigiM
Designer: SpyKid
Version: v1.3
Release date: 2014-02-19
WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de


White Garden is a custom track which was designed by SpyKid in SketchUp and made by Block and LuigiM.

This was SpyKid's second model done with SketchUp. He asked Block if the two of them could make a custom track together and showed him some models, of which they picked White Garden, but the model was very glitchy so LuigiM fixed it. The creators never really had a name in mind for this track but as it had white walls it adopted the nickname given to it by the creators during the making process; White Garden.

A year later, Wiimm optimized the KCL and the KMP to remove different bugs.


v1.3 VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC1 2012-04-02 First release
v1.0 2012-05-01 Fixed things; added shadows, animations, objects and cameras.
v1.1 2012-08-15 Fixed minimap.
v1.2 2013-11-22 Update by Wiimm:
  • Complete new checkpoints following the quadrilateral model to fix all Position Jump Bugs
  • Finish line and start position moved according to the visual model.
  • Enemy and item route points optimized.
  • Complete new respawn points
  • Walls lowered to make jump over corners possible.
  • KCL remade.
v1.3 2014-02-19 Update by SpyKid:
  • Posteffect changed.

Update by Wiimm:

  • Fixed KCL glitch near the Chain Chomp.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Witte Tuin
French: Jardin Blanc
German: Weißer Garten
Italian: Giardino bianco
Japanese: ホワイトガーデン
Korean: 화이트 가든
Portuguese: Jardim Branco
Russian: Белый сад
Spanish: Jardín Blanco
Greek: Άσπρος Κήπος
Polish: Biały Ogród
Finnish: Valkoinen puutarha
Swedish: Vita Trädgården
Czech: Bílá Zahrada
Danish: Hvid Haven
By the same author: LuigiM

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