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Mario Kart Wii: Battle Royale
Authors: TheNinjaKingOW, Scath, RoGamer, Dracheron, StankyMKW
Type: Riivolution, ISO Patcher
Tracks: 80 custom tracks,
32 original tracks
Battle: 10 arenas
Version: v1.3.3
Date of Latest Version: 2020-02-14
Discord Server: MKWBR Server
Subreddit Reddit
Download: MediaFire


Mario Kart Wii: Battle Royale (also known as MKWBR) is a custom track distribution made by TheNinjaKingOW, Scath, RoGamer, Dracheron, and StankyMKW. It features 80 custom tracks, alongside the original 32 tracks, with simultaneous online play. The distribution also includes new game modes made by the team.

Register Mode

Register Mode is a system developed by TheNinjaKingOW. It sets the players bottom right license to 2500vr. For register mode, you must set the slider in Riivolution to "Register", make sure to not have anything else on, then go online to see if you have 2500vr. Now go back to Riivolution and turn off Register mode. This is necessary if you are going to play online (This has to be done one time only).

Custom Game Modes

Competitive Mode

Competitive Mode is a custom game mode made by TheNinjaKingOW. It sets the player's VR to 2500 and has a cap of 5000 VR to make the game have a much tighter rank system. In order to set up the Competitive Mode, you must set the slider in Riivolution to "Register" and play one match online, then you must preform an action that causes the game to save, then go back to Riivolution and set the slider to "Competitive".

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a custom game mode made by TheNinjaKingOW, RoGamer and Scath. Once a player has been hit by an item, they will be disconnected from the room if they are online. In the offline aspect, if the player is hit, it will end the race.


TDM (Team Deathmatch) is a custom game mode made by TheNinjaKingOW and RoGamer. It takes place in Balloon Battle, and once you're hit, you will be disconnected from the room. In the offline aspect, if the player is hit, the battle will end.


KC (Kill Confirmed) is a custom game mode made by TheNinjaKingOW and RoGamer. It takes place in Coin Runners, and once you're hit, you will be disconnected from the room. In the offline aspect, if the player is hit, the battle will end.


v1.2.1 Battle Royale Showcase
v1.3 Offline Battle Royale Showcase


Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit Nintendo
Moo Moo Meadows Nintendo
Mushroom Gorge Nintendo
Toad's Factory Nintendo
Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
Mario Circuit Nintendo
Coconut Mall Nintendo
DK Summit Nintendo
Wario's Gold Mine Nintendo
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
Daisy Circuit Nintendo
Koopa Cape Nintendo
Maple Treeway Nintendo
Grumble Volcano Nintendo
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins Nintendo
Moonview Highway Nintendo
Bowser's Castle Nintendo
Rainbow Road Nintendo
Shell Cup.png
Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach Nintendo
DS Yoshi Falls Nintendo
SNES Ghost Valley 2 Nintendo
N64 Mario Raceway Nintendo
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land Nintendo
GBA Shy Guy Beach Nintendo
DS Delfino Square Nintendo
GCN Waluigi Stadium Nintendo
Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
DS Desert Hills Nintendo
GBA Bowser Castle 3 Nintendo
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Nintendo
GCN Mario Circuit Nintendo
Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 3 Nintendo
DS Peach Gardens Nintendo
GCN DK Mountain Nintendo
N64 Bowser's Castle Nintendo
Bronze Cup.png
Bronze Cup
Forest Creek Okin
Desert Badlands ishiyama263
Seasonal Circuit MRbuttCHINSx11T7, Bear, Lovelifeandtpose024
Sky Grove Sniki
Retro Bronze Cup.png
Retro Bronze Cup
3DS Toad Circuit v1.4 Torran
GP Mario Beach v2.0 SuperMario64DS, DJ Lowgey
Excitebike Adventure Seeky
Wii U Thwomp Ruins v1.0 Degeso
Silver Cup.png
Silver Cup
Cottonplant Forest 9Paran
Concord China Town NinYoda1, RemyInTheSky
Warp Pipe Island Luke Chandler
Unnamed Valley Scye, Sucht93a
Retro Silver Cup.png
Retro Silver Cup
SNES Donut Plains 3 v1.1 Bear, ZPL Gaming
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar v2.0b Atlas
DS Luigi's Mansion v1c ZillaSpaz
GBA Sunset Wilds ChaosShadow23
Gold Cup.png
Gold Cup
Windmill Village ChaosShadow23
Shadow Woods Sniki
Nostalgic Bowser's Castle Omonimo747
Unfinished Mario Circuit Jiyuu
Retro Gold Cup.png
Retro Gold Cup
GP DK Jungle RC1 Pointy Pighead Games
WF Wuhu Island Beta lgmb
3DS Rock Rock Mountain v1.21 MrKoeikoei, ZillaSpaz
GBA Lakeside Park ChaosShadow23
Platinum Cup.png
Platinum Cup
Thwomp Swamp MysterE99
Dawn Township Jiyuu
Windy Whirl Syst3ms
Color Circuit Okin, Rinorocks
Retro Platinum Cup.png
Retro Platinum Cup
DS Waluigi Pinball v4.1 Yoshidude4, Turbo Yoshi
GP Pac Mountain Riidefi
3DS Music Park v2.0s Atlas
GBA Sky Garden ChaosShadow23
Diamond Cup.png
Diamond Cup
Wetland Woods Vulcanus2
Lunar Lights Sniki
Honeybee Hideout TacoJosh
Kingdom of Ghosts ChisSilver64, ProNA, Jasperr
Retro Diamond Cup.png
Retro Diamond Cup
N64 Royal Raceway Baoulettes, LuigiM
GCN Baby Park v1.0 Tock
CTR Tiny Arena MysterE99
GBA Bowser Castle 4 v1.0 ChaosShadow23
Summer Masters 2019 Cup.png
Summer Masters 2019 Cup
Sunshine City Okin
Toad's Golf Martinkwii
Jiyuu Village Jiyuu
Sahara Hideout v2.18 ZPL Gaming, Jasperr, Golden RS
Retro Masters Cup.png
Retro Masters Cup
SNES Bowser Castle 3 ChaosShadow23
GCN Daisy Cruiser v1.0 Super-Daisy55
3DS Maka Wuhu Beta 3.1 FunkyDude15, Wexos
GBA Rainbow Road ChaosShadow23
Masters Cup.png
Masters Cup
Cascade Jungle JDS
Farm Road EdwardJW
Koopa Shell Pipeland MysterE99
Molten Desert EdwardJW
Retro Grandmasters Cup.png
Retro Grandmasters Cup
CTR N. Gin Labs MysterE99
FZMV Cloud Carpet TacoJosh
3DS Rosalina's Ice World v1.01 MysterE99, Skipper93653
DS Airship Fortress v1.4 Sniki
Grandmasters Cup.png
Grandmasters Cup
Cool Castle Canyon Sniki
White Garden SpyKid, Blockmann, LuigiM
Fishdom Island BigOto2, Jasperr, Rinorocks
Lava Lake JorisMKW
Retro Top 500 Cup.png
Retro Top 500 Cup
GCN Luigi Circuit Omonimo747
GCN Yoshi Circuit v1.0 Tock
DS Bowser Castle Wexos
3DS Rainbow Road BigOto2
Retro Top 500 Cup.png
Retro Top 500 Cup
3DS DK Jungle Wexos
Galaxy Colosseum Nintendo, TheNinjaKingOW
Magmatic Sanctuary v1.0 ZPL Gaming, Jasperr, _tZ
Mushroom Mountain MrBean35000vr, Chadderz, Ferv
GCN Top 1 Cup.png
GCN Top 1 Cup
GCN Wario Colosseum MKDasher
GCN Dino Dino Jungle Test 3 George99, MrDark35000vr
GCN Bowser's Castle Baoulettes
GCN Rainbow Road Caron
Season 3 Masters.png
Season 3 Masters
SNES Mario Circuit 1 v2.0 ZPL Gaming, Jasperr
SNES Rainbow Road v2.0 ZPL Gaming, Bear
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach v1.0 Zilla
GCN Mushroom City v1.2 Torran
Season 3 Masters.png
Season 3 Masters
3DS Neo Bowser City Atlas
3DS Wario Shipyard v1.98 Atlas
GCN Dry Dry Desert Alpha 3 Riidefi, Hlorenzi
GCN Mushroom Bridge v1.5 Tock

Battle Royale / TDM / KC Features

Game Features
Feature Author Information
Max Lap Count Modifier Geeh and MrEvil A track can have anywhere between 1 and 8 laps.
Speed Modifier MrBean35000vr Tracks have a speed modifier applied (e.g. 2.0× speed) which causes all parts of the game's physics to move at the increased speed (including vehicles, items and boosts).
Change Characters Between Wi-Fi Races MrBean35000vr When in online play, the player's character, vehicle and drift mode choice may be changed between races by pressing + on the Wii Remote (or Start on the GCN Controller) when on the VR screen. This simply takes the player back to the character select menu, and then returns them to the vote when they have reselected. If the time limit expires, the currently selected options are taken.
VR Limit Modifier/VR Cap XeR and TheNinjaKingOW Changes the max amount of VR to 5000vr. The riivolution patch for MKWBR has a "Register" option which is required for the first time you play the pack online, so your VR is set to 2500;
No Lasting Bullet Bill Icon Anarion When you use a Bullet Bill, the icon disappears. This means that you can get an item while you're in a Bullet Bill.
No Worldwide Button Chadderz When you log onto Wiimmfi, you will not see the Worldwide button at all.
Wi-Fi Time Limit Expansion Chadderz and RoGamer This code is originally edited to make the race end at 5:40, however RoGamer edited the code to make the race end at 2:23 online.
No Disconnect BullyWiiPlaza This code will prevent you from disconnecting if idling or going backwards.
Background Void Color Modifier Riidefi This code changes the void color to red. This is used because when you respawn you're stuck in the void.
Class Engine Modifier Leseratte Changes 150cc to 200cc.
Fast Falling JoshuaMK Changes the gravity when falling if vehicle is facing down, the falling speed is very fast, faster than CTGP's 200cc.
Faster Green Shell mdmwii Changes green shell speed to 120KM/H (Faster).
Disable Usage of Unwanted Item Luis35000vr and RoGamer Disable the usage of Red Shells, Triple Red Shells, Lightnings, POWs or Bloopers. Normally, you cannot get these items if using MKWBR Common.szs, but if someone tries to use a different Common.szs, you can get those items. Please read "CommonSZS.txt"
Disconnect when Hit Bully, XeR, and TheNinjaKingOW When a player is hit by an item online, they will be disconnected from the room.
End race when hit Seeky, XeR, ComputerBot, and TheNinjaKingOW When the player is hit by an item offline, the race will end.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2019-06-21 First release
v1.1 2019-07-26
  • Added 32 tracks.
  • Removed eight tracks.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Mii character to crash on Dolphin.
  • Added 5000 VR cap.
  • Renamed 3DS and Wii U tracks.
  • Vehicle stats have been modified to change the "meta".
v1.2 2019-09-14
  • Added 12 new tracks.
  • Added support for PAL.
  • Removed four tracks.
  • Added Battle Royale, TDM and KC game modes.
v1.2.1 2019-10-14
  • Added 200cc (replaces 150cc).
  • Added Fast Falling.
  • Fixed bugs in the Battle Royale game mode.
  • Added a timer in the Battle Royale mode to end at 2:23.
  • Added Faster Green Shells.
  • Improvised the respawn point system.
  • Added 30 second invisibility.
  • Added small Anti-Cheat for those who doesn't use the correct Common.szs/ItemSlot.bin file – it will not allow you to use Triple Reds, Reds, POWs, Lightning, or Bloopers.
v1.3 2019-12-04
  • Removed 30 second invisibility.
  • Replaced eight tracks.
  • Added RoGamer97 over Daisy on the character select screen.
v1.3.1 2020-01-29
  • Fixed a lot of UI issues.
  • Updated the Common.szs for the Battle Royale Mode.
  • The race will now end in VS mode if you get hit.
  • Players will no longer be stuck on a red screen when hit by an item.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Wiimmfi screen to crash.
v1.3.2 2020-02-08
  • Updated the UI for Competitive Mode.
  • Revamped Register Mode.
v1.3.3 2020-02-14 Fixed an issue for PAL users where the Battle Royale mode couldn't be played properly.
By the same author: TheNinjaKingOW

Mario Kart Wii: Battle Royale

Music Packs:
TheNinjaKingOW's Music Pack

Texture Hacks:
N64 Slender ParkwayTake on the Fallen Kingdom

Gladiator DaisyDiscord Wario

Los Angeles Gladiators

Zero Hour

By the same author: RoGamer
By the same author: Dracheron

Mario Kart Wii: Battle Royale

By the same author: StankyMKW

Mario Kart Wii: Battle Royale