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Author: Aaron "AerialX"
Version: v1.06
Date of latest version: 2013-12-18
Download: rvlution.net


Riivolution is an on-the-fly game patcher for use with retail discs. It allows users to place content on their SD or USB devices, which will be read by the game during regular play. It is used by several Custom Track Distributions in order to run modified courses without a patched ISO. Note that Riivolution is console only so to run Riivolution mods on Dolphin you will need to patch your ISO.


Riivolution uses XML files to load custom content from an SD Card. To use this, have your XML point to a folder with all the custom content inside and place the XML in the "riivolution" folder.

Riivolution game patching tutorial
How to run Riivolution mods on Dolphin


Riivolution Generator is a tool, that can create files needed by Riivolution using other files as source. The algorithm is simple.

  • Extract the original ISO image
  • Set the modified-time to a date in the past (2008-01-01)
  • Run the patching process
  • Copy the modified files into the SD Card folder.
  • Create a XML based on the list of modified files.

RiiFS is a filesystem that allows for streaming of data from your computer to Riivolution.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2010-03-20 Initial release
v1.01 2010-03-22
  • Memory patch improvements.
  • Mounted disk improvements.
  • Added network support.
v1.02 2010-03-28
  • Disc file addition.
  • More memory patch improvements.
  • Network hostname lookups.
  • Network stability improvements.
  • Games will now connect to the network alongside RiiFS.
  • Foreign character support in XMLs (Latin-1).
v1.03 2010-06-28
  • System Menu 4.3 compatibility.
  • Wii slot light filesystem indicator.
  • Stability fixes for all filesystems.
  • Files close after a few seconds to allow them to be replaced over RiiFS.
  • NetBEUI hostname lookups supported.
  • Improved channel install.
    • No longer requires SD/USB.
  • RiiFS improvements.
    • Native C++ Server.
    • Connects automatically on a LAN without needing SD/USB.
v1.04 2010-09-22
  • This update provides behind-the-scenes fixes that will not affect features but will improve the overall system performance.
  • System Menu 4.3v2 compatibility (September 8th, 2010 update).
  • New savefile redirection feature.
v1.05 2013-06-10
  • Wii U (Virtual Wii Menu) is now supported.
  • New Wii Remote Plus remotes are now properly supported.
v1.06 2013-12-18

Known Bugs

In a CT Distribution via Riivolution, the game can freeze when a player completes a lap. This occurs for some Wii users.