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Wiimms Mii

I'm Wiimm and my business and also my hobby is software engineering. I'm a Mario Kart Fan too. To play with others I have build several Custom Track Distributions. The public ones are listed here: Wiimms Mario Kart Fun

All distributions comes with an ISO Patcher. The ISO patcher is based on some of my Tools:

More links:

Track Archives

I collect custom tracks since beginning of 2010. You can find more than 2500 of these tracks in my custom track archive. The archive contains different variants of same tracks. Tracks, which are not usable (black screen, freeze, not drivable, ...), are excluded:

If you are only searching tracks created or modified by me, then look here:

AIParams are removed from all tracks. All tracks are stored as WBZ files to avoid copyright conflicts. Use Wiimms SZS Tools to decode them.

All files are archived as WBZ files. It is useless to ask me for SZS files!

New Project

At the moment I'm working at a new german Wiki for »Breath of the Wild«:

One special thing is the wiki extension to support parts of the world map: