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Clear Profile ID is a Cheat Code for all 4 regions of Mario Kart Wii, made by Wiimm. It clears the profile id of license, but only if the old profile id was not created by Wiimmfi.

The point of it is to use old profiles created by the old Nintendo/Gamespy server without losing your savegame data such as statistics, trophies, and friends of the license. This cheat replaces the »Wiipid extrator« and also the »SET-FC« feature of Wiimmfi. You only need this cheat code if you get Error 60000 upon attempting to connect to Wiimmfi.

How it works


To clear the profile id of a license, use the first Wiimote and rotate it 45 degrees counterclockwise. Go to the license selection screen. Then press the 2 buttons PLUS + MINUS. While holding those two buttons, press the D-Pad in the direction of the profile you want to clear. It does not matter if the menu changes to a different screen. When the license has been patched successfully, the game sound plays with doubled speed for 2 seconds.

If you enter the settings menu for the license and leave it again, you'll see an empty friend code field. If not, patching failed and you most likely have already a profile id created by Wiimmfi.

At this point, only the memory copy of the savegame is patched. So go online to retrieve a new friend code and to update your real savegame. Alternatively, do a race or change a Mii, so that the Wii stores the modified savegame to the file system of the NAND.

Disable the cheat code after clearing one or more licenses to avoid accidental usage.


This cheat code is based on License Unlock. The author did only 2 changes:

  • Check for only 2 instead of 4 pressed buttons.
  • Write other values to another place of the license.

The license selection for all 4 regions was not touched. The sound playing with double speed is also the same. The License Unlock was tested very well.

Cheat Codes

Backup your savegame first!
Backup your savegame before using one of these cheat codes!
It helps if something goes wrong.

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