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Avatar: Stunky's Profile Picture.jpg
Skype: tom.stunk
Discord: Stunky#4913
Steam: TomStunky
MKW: 2237-2605-0050
Wii-Homebrew: Tyrant
Twitch: xStunky
Soundcloud: TomStunky

A Brief Introduction

Hi there, I'm Stunky, in the past you may have known me as LAB Peppy, Tyrant, or a number of other names. I was also the admin of MarioKartBoards for a year or two, among other staff roles, and am still a Wiimmfi Moderator and member of the CTGP-R Selection and Track Testing Committees. Just doing the best I can based on my own abilities.

I've been trying to learn (in some cases re-learn) skills to make textures and custom tracks, and thus hopefully over time I'll post more on here. My most notable contributions to tracks so far are a couple of billboards, but hey it's a start!

What have I made (Published)

Name Type Description Other Credits
Purple to White (Font) Custom Font My first font edit, different purples become white. None

Other Credits

The following are things I've helped to do on projects for other people. Usually just stuff like making some textures, takes time but I love doing it.

- A few billboards from White Garden

- A few billboards from N64 Wario Stadium (zilly)