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Avatar: FJRoyet's Profile Picture.jpg
YouTube: FJRoyet
Discord: FJRoyet#0674

About me

My name is Fernando Royet, also known as FJRoyet. I'm an active Mario Kart Wii player since 2009, but I started to play custom tracks in 2013 and finally started to make CT distributions and custom track edits along with texture hacks in 2016. I'm known for making the CT distribution called Mario Kart Wii Deluxe (which is still active nowadays) and I'm also the creator of the distribution Mario Kart Fusion with CrisDark64. However I resigned from the project on April 2021 due to toxic drama with some of the admins. I like to optimize tracks for offline playing too, including fixes for opening and ending cameras to give them a more Nintendo official look.