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Avatar: Bugsy's Profile Picture.png
Discord: bugsy#4507

About me

Hi, I'm bugsy. I'm a modder who mainly focuses on custom tracks. It is my goal to create high quality CTs that are fun to play and have relatively good visuals.


Please ask for permission before making any edits or alternate versions of my tracks. The best way to contact me is through Discord.

Additionally, any private test versions of upcoming custom tracks are not to be released on the wiki or included in any distributions. These versions are meant for others to get a preview or to test gameplay / bugs, so it is likely that these versions won't even function properly, hence why they are unreleased.

My Custom Tracks

Released tracks, listed in order of how good I think they are

Track Name Current Version Notes
Celestial Speedway v1.02 Gameplay update planned.
Constellation Cliffs v1.1 No updates planned outside of bugfixes.
3DS Rainbow Road v0.1 Visual upgrades planned.
Thunder Canyon v1.2 No updates planned.
Jungle Beach v1.01 No updates planned.

WIP tracks, listed in order of which are closest to being released / highest priority

Track Name Current Version Note
GBA Luigi Circuit - Currently finishing the course model.
Floating Fortress Beta Needs a remade KMP before a public release (current version crashes)
Pyramid Track 2 - On hold.
Generic Castle - On hold.
Pyramid Track - Unlikely to ever be finished.
Space Orb - Unlikely to ever be finished.
Manor Gardens - Unlikely to ever be finished.

Planned tracks, listed in order of how soon I will start work on them

Track Name Version Notes
Helado Mountain - A complete reimagining of the classic track, with new gameplay and visual ideas
Castle Track 2 - An idea I've had for many years, with theming similar to Wii U Hyrule Castle, New Moon Manor and others
Twilight Turnpike - A 5 lap nighttime highway track
By the same author: bugsy