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Avatar: Bugsy-pfp.png
Discord: bugsy#4507

About me

Hi, I'm bugsy. I'm a modder who mainly focuses on custom tracks. It is my goal to create high quality CTs that are fun to play and have relatively good visuals.


Please ask for permission before making any edits or alternate versions of my tracks. The best way to contact me is through Discord.

Additionally, any private test versions of upcoming custom tracks are not to be released on the wiki or included in any distributions. They are meant for other people to get a preview or to test gameplay / bugs, so chances are they might not even function properly, hence why they are unreleased.

My Custom Tracks

Released tracks

Track Name Current Version Notes
Thunder Canyon v1.1 No updates planned.

CT Jam Tracks

Track Name Current Version Notes
Jungle Beach v1.01 Will improve visuals in a future update.
Floating Fortress Unreleased Currently has many problems, which will be fixed before a public release.

Upcoming Tracks

Track Name Current Status Notes
Celestial Speedway Modelling A track with Rainbow Road and Moonview Highway elements. Still far from release, but a private beta should be out soon. Preview video
GBA ?? Modelling A reimagining of a GBA track, including more shortcut opportunities and more depth. Currently painful to work on so progress has been slow.
Generic Castle On Hold A standard castle themed track. Will likely improve model and add lightmapping soonish
Pyramid Track On Hold Originally meant to be a CT Jam track, it has sat unfinished for some time now. I would love to release it at some point when I have the time.
Twilight Turnpike Not Started A moonlit highway themed track.
Untitled Castle Track Not Started Based on a concept I have had for a few years, this track will be one where I put in a lot of effort and detail.
Helado Mountain Not Started An upcoming remake I have planned, with more detailed visuals and a reimagining of the gameplay of the original.
By the same author: bugsy

Custom Tracks:
Thunder CanyonJungle Beach