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Avatar: Bugsy's Profile Picture.png
Discord: bugsy#4507
Youtube: bugsy

About me

Hi, I'm bugsy. I'm a modder who mainly focuses on custom tracks. It is my goal to create high quality CTs that are fun to play and have relatively good visuals.


Do NOT make any edits or alternate versions of my tracks without my explicit permission given! The best way to ask for permission is to contact me through discord.

Also, do NOT leak any private test versions of upcoming custom tracks or updates to the wiki or any distributions! These versions are generally very unfinished and as a result are guaranteed to have major bugs that would greatly hinder their playability.

Finally, do NOT use any of my models in other custom tracks or texture hacks! I would also appreciate being asked for permission before using any custom textures that I make.

My Custom Tracks

Released tracks, most recent first

Track Name Current Version Notes
SNES Mario Circuit 2 v1.0 Video should be uploaded in the next few days.
Acrobatic Airway Beta Created by Nihonium, made for a CT Secret Santa.
Mushroom Volcano v1.1 No updates planned.
Celestial Speedway v1.02 Major gameplay update is underway.
Constellation Cliffs v1.1 No updates planned.
3DS Rainbow Road v0.2 Major visual update planned.
Thunder Canyon v1.2 No updates planned.
Jungle Beach v1.01 No updates planned.
Floating Fortress Beta 2 Hoping to improve KMP at some point.

WIP tracks (in no particular order)

Track Name Current Version Note
Castle Track 2 a15 Layout is complete, now working on visuals
temple474.blend Beta 2 Update in progress
Castle Without Wario Beta -
GBA Luigi Circuit - On hold.
Eroded Sanctuary - On hold.
Generic Castle - Unlikely to ever be finished.
Pyramid Track Beta Unlikely to ever be finished.
Space Orb - Unlikely to ever be finished.
Manor Gardens Alpha Unlikely to ever be finished.

Planned tracks, listed in order of how soon I will start work on them

Track Name Version Notes
Helado Mountain - A complete reimagining of the classic track, with new gameplay and visual ideas
Twilight Turnpike - A 5 lap nighttime highway track

Other Contributions

Other custom tracks that I helped with, but wasn't the main author of the track.

Track Name Contributions
Haunted Woods (ChaosShadow23) Created minimap (to be added in a future update).
Dolphin Harbor Created lightmap & mipmaps in v1.0.
Haunted Library Created minimap in the beta version.
By the same author: bugsy