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Youtube: Sliver
Discord: Silver#0001

"Competitive Elitist", 18 year old high school graduate looking to go into software development, I've been around since 2015, so I know a lot about the files and the inner workings of the game, as well as having connections with some big names in the modding world, I'm a moderator on Mario Kart Boards, a member of both the CTGP Track Council and Beta Testing team, where I mostly try to give insight on the competitive side of tracks, and I have some hand in updating/maintaining the JHFR CT Pack. If you have any questions about issues with things like crashes, just dm me on discord, I'm in a large majority of the big mkw servers and am always willing to try to help people. I'm also attempting to start fixing/updating tracks and maybe progress to making some myself, as I was taught some basic 3ds Max in school.

Also I simp for Emilia <3

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By the same author: Silverr

Tracks on Hold:
Art Studio

Track Updates:
SM64 Cool, Cool Mountain Slide, Yoshi Lagoon (Sucht93a)

Track Hotfixes:
Waluigi's MotocrossVolcanic Skyway IIMelty Monster SkiesLilypad Lake

Texture Hacks:
BonziBUDDY on Flame Runner

Stat Edits:
Overdrive Flame Runner

Music Distributions:
osu! Music Pack

Track Distributions:
Ant Kart Wii