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Aliases: Rexkip, Zaloone, RotationRex, rezrex

Hello, I'm Rex!

While I don't find myself as good as everyone else, I've made a couple of modding related things, mainly custom tracks. I have quite a few unfinished projects, some being more finished than others, but I work slowly at them, since I often lack motivation and confidence, so I sometimes don't feel comfortable doing work for them. Plus, at times, I just find other things more enjoyable.

I don't have a lot to put on my profile, so that's it I suppose.

By the same author: Rex

Custom Tracks:
Sherbet CircuitSBSPLCP Floor It 1, 2 & 3Telamon HeightsN64 Koopa Troopa BeachDim District

Custom Textures:
Cyan Koopa Troopa

Collaborations and Updates:
Stunny City (Remake) – Mossy Tower Ruins (w/ Toxic Prime)