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Hi! I make mods every so often, usually custom tracks, but most of them aren't anything too important, they are usually things I end up making for fun. You're free to check them out though! Just don't expect to be amazed by anything...

Most of the tracks I've been making lately are mainly for CT Jams. I usually procrastinate on things a lot otherwise.

Update related

If you want to update one of my past tracks for whatever reason, please let me know what you plan on changing on my user talk, just so I'm aware beforehand. I'll likely be fine with it if most changes are minor or improve a thing about the track. (Though, I may be doing things like that myself eventually if it is a track of mine I care about)

User Link

Not everything I made is listed on my user link. Those pages are still around on the Wiiki and anyone can freely use them, but usually the things absent are because I'll either very likely never work on them again, or I just don't want them on it for... regretting making them I suppose I'll put it as?

Mods in each category are listed in order of creation.

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