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Hello! I don't do anything "cool" for the most part, but you can look at the stuff in my user link if you really want to I suppose. Just about all of my work I would not consider to be top tier mods, though if you like them, good for you I guess! Though, there are probably better things to check out if you look at other pages. Most of the mods I create currently are custom tracks, though I do try other things every so often, most of which are experiments and such that likely won't be completed and/or released.

I've also tried many other things regarding this game in the past, usually with not a lot of success, such as:

  • Time Trials (I had a CTGP CT BKT for a few months at one point, but overall I was not very good compared to others. I feel some of the more advanced tech behind drifting in this game such as softdrifting is hard for me to even be decent at)
  • Competitive play (I wasn't anything special and I wasn't very involved at all. I mainly only did mogis every so often for a period of time in 2019 and 2020. Of the things I mentioned here, this is by far the one I'm least likely to come back to)
  • TASing (I've done one submission for a TAS Comp, but that's about it. I don't have a huge interest in TASing and probably wouldn't be able to put the effort into making something good)
  • Random "coding" stuff (For the most part, all I do is just mess around with things in live memory, I haven't ever really made my own codes. The only useful thing I've done with this is help contribute to very early versions of TTs Online)

And of course, modding. While I wouldn't consider myself a professional at it, the modding community is where I feel most comfortable right now, so I primarily do stuff around here.

I often lack motivation, so I don't make mods very often. Out of my own custom tracks, I am only happy with a few of them, and there are some I regret making at times. The track I've made that I like the most currently would probably be Paralyzed Cliffs due to it being the track I've probably put the most time and effort into so far. The concept of it is also inspired from a game that I really like and is something quite special to me.

Update related

If you want to do anything more than a minor update to one of my past tracks for whatever reason, please let me know what you plan on doing on my user talk, just so I'm aware beforehand. You can also contact me on Discord if I know you there, but I'd prefer you to use my user talk page here if we have not interacted much before. I'll likely be fine with whatever you change, but I would prefer being asked before it is made, in case I want to mention something about the track, or contribute anything that may help you in updating the track.

A few of my existing tracks I already have plans for updating "soon". I am fine with most if not all of my tracks being updated, though I'd prefer for you to ask before updating some of them. If you want to see all the tracks I've released or plan to release on the wiiki and if I am fine with people updating them without permission or not, check the lists in the spoiler below.

Update Permission List

User Link

Not everything I made is listed on my user link. Things that are absent are basically stuff I made in the past that I feel have not much point to existing. If it was released on the Wiiki, anyone can freely use it, even if it isn't in the user link.

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