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Hello! I don't do anything cool, but if you really want to, you can look at the stuff in my user link I suppose. Most of my work I would not consider to be good, though if you like them, good for you I guess! Though, there are probably better things to check out if you look at other pages. I primarily have an interest in creating custom tracks, though I sometimes try other things.

Update related

I am fine with most if not all of my tracks being updated by others, though I'd prefer to be asked about it before they get updated. (unless it is something minor like a small KMP change, in which case you can probably go ahead)

If you want to do anything more than a minor update to one of my past tracks for whatever reason, please let me know what you plan on doing on my user talk, so I'm aware beforehand! You can also contact me on Discord if I know you there, but I'd prefer you to use my user talk page here if we have not interacted much before. I'll likely be fine with whatever you change, but I would prefer being asked before it is made, in case I want to mention something about the track, or contribute anything that may help you in updating the track.

User Link

Not everything I made is listed on my user link. Things that are absent are basically stuff I made in the past that I feel have not much point to existing. If it was released on the Wiiki, anyone can freely use it, even if it isn't put on the user link.

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