List of Custom Battle Arenas

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This is a list of all the custom battle arenas created for Mario Kart Wii. Battle arenas are more difficult to make than normal racing tracks, so the list might seem empty. Unfinished Battle Tracks and Battle Track Edits are on a separate page.

CTGP-R Support

Currently there is no support planned or implemented for these tracks.

Title Author Date of Latest Version
Circle Putinas ≤ 2011-07-08
Delfino House igorseabra4 2010-11-29
Death Chamber 1 Retrostyle12 2017-07-06
Farm Battle 4IT★Lecce 2016-05-26
Fire Crater igorseabra4 2016-11-02
Heart of China Wingcapman 2014-04-02
House Battle 4IT★Lecce 2015-07-28
Lecce Battle 2 4IT★Lecce 2015-08-17
Lecce Battle 3 4IT★Lecce 2015-11-27
Lecce's Block Battle 4IT★Lecce 2015-08-30
Mario's Battle Garden 4IT★Lecce 2015-09-14
Paper Battlefield ALPHAMARIOX 2011-02-19
Poop Battlefield NewSuperMoiWii 2014-04-26
SMB2 Beehive Retrostyle12 2017-02-21
Thwomp Battle 4IT★Lecce 2016-05-26
Trophy Arena ShadowLuigi-NG- 2012-11-17
Turtle Top igorseabra4 2016-06-14
Wild Canyon 2 Retrostyle12 2017-07-04