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Website : Jiyuu
Skype : jiyuumk
Discord : ★Jiyuu#5554
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This page refers to the Mario Kart Player called Jiyuu, also written ジユウ.
Further information are found here.

About my works

The following table sums up the current status of my works.

What ? Current version Status Next release date ?
Jiyuu's Test Track v1.0 Will never be updated. ---
Icy Surroundings v2.0 No update scheduled. 20??-??-??
Evening Harbor v2.0 Undefinied postponement for updating to v2.1.
Secret project, Unknown name Unknown Concept (2018-05-02).
Modelling started (2018-05-02).
Modelling complete (2018-05-13).
Texturing complete (2015-05-22).
Harmonizing textures complete (2015-05-22).
KCL must be recreated.
KMP 10%.
Animations complete (24.05.2018).
Debug 50%.

Additional information

The name of the next-to-be-released Custom Track will always be "Unknown name". The official names will only be revealed the day of the official first release date.

You shall NOT edit my works without my agreement.

The translations of my works to French will always be performed by myself.

Adding my work to a Custom Track Distributions is authorised. You may not need to ask for a prior permission.
Although, an update of the wiki page's section related to the Custom Track Distributions should be achieved.
If you are unable to perform such task, please contact me so that I can update the wiki page accordingly.

--Jiyuu (talk) 19:20, 13 May 2018 (UTC)

By the same author: Jiyuu

Custom Tracks:
Jiyuu's Test TrackIcy SurroundingsEvening Harbor


Skype : jiyuumk
Discord : ★Jiyuu#5554