Heart of China

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Heart of China
Author: Wingcapman
Version: Beta v1.6.1
Release date: 2016-04-12?
Editors used: BrawlBox, CTools, KMP Cloud, MS Paint, Photoshop CS3, Sketchup, SZS Modifier, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de
Download: wingcapman.tumblr.com (Beta v1.5.3b)


Heart of China is Wingcapman's first custom track. It wasn't originally designed as a race course, so it's quite similar to ports of other non-race course levels in that it does not have a clearly defined track. Heart of China is based on a story written by Wingcapman. Normally there is not a race path for this area, but he decided to make a Mario Kart Wii race-compatible track of it anyway.

Some interesting facts about this track:

  • The laps will take around 45 to 52 seconds on 150cc (average time). This track is 3 laps long, so it does not feel too short and not too long.
  • Some "special" item boxes can't be spammed because they either respawn later or are hard to get.
  • This custom track can be played backwards. The laps won't count that way (yet), but this might be an idea for a future release some day.
  • It's technical Battle-compatible, but the enemy routes are set for racing and not for battle.

Please read the notes on this page before you are going to download it, this track has some bugs you have to know about. The official Heart of China page is here. Any fair critique and suggestions about improving this track are welcome.


Beta v1.6.1 VS Race (Spring Edition)
Beta v1.6.1 Exploration
Beta v1.5.3 VS Race

Progress of the upcoming update:

Progress goes really slow for this track. There are a lot of problems going on with this model, so give the author the time to fix all those. Any help is welcome.

Known Bugs


  • The author slowly works on updates, if you have found some flaws somewhere in the whole track's design, feel free to report.
  • BUG! If you are behind the big yellow building, you can drive on the slope and trick off it. However, if you use a Mushroom there, you might be able to jump over the off-boundaries, to jump off the stage. Most of the time, you will get respawned at the end of the big red building. The lap won't count.
  • BUG! There might be a chance that the game has slowdown issues when there are two players using a Mega Mushroom and two other players using a Star.
  • BUG! The track has some really bad slowdowns when you are playing with split screen (2 players) with CPUs enabled!
  • BUG! If you are finished, and if your character is stuck against the wall from the left side of the finish line, there might be a chance that the game will crash if your character bumps too far behind the finish line. This is caused by an incorrect respawn pointer.
  • There's no opening pan camera for this track. Don't worry, the game won't freeze when loading it in VS mode.
  • The track itself is hard to drive on. Its nearly impossible to drive a lap without any accident. Practice before you are going to really play with/against people, because you need it. Keep in mind that this track is more an artwork than an actual race track. (Once it will get update to v1.6, the road will be easier and friendlier to drive on.)
  • Coin Runners is more of a challenge mode. There is just one little spot to get all the coins. You will get rewarded with 5 coins instead of 1. But where is it? Only you may find it out! (This concept will be changed in the v1.6 series!)

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta v1.1 2012-12-28 First public release
Beta v1.2 2013-02-01
  • Finished the checkpoints.
  • Sky shortcut works now.
  • Respawn pointers are fixed, but still not 100% done (need to change the angle of some).
  • Fixed sunset-themed textures a bit.
Beta v1.5.3 2013-08-12 This version was never announced and the author will not release the track to the public, but you can find it in Cam, Tom and Troy's CTGP Pack. After downloading and unpacking the distribution, look for the file boardcross_course.szs.
Beta v1.5.3b 2014-04-02
Beta v1.6.1 2016-04-12? Contains a fixed checkpoint at the end of the lap (normally respawning there causes the game to freeze), better textures, fixing the slowdown bug on split screen, adding an Easter Egg hunting tour, fully compatible Battle mode (Mario Kart 8-like Battle mode start positions) including better coin locations, and probably more!

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Hart van China
French: Coeur de Chine
German: Herz von China
Italian: Cuore della Cina
Japanese: ハートオブチャイナ
Korean: 하트 오브 차이나
Portuguese: Coração da China
Russian: Сердце Китая
Spanish: Corazón de China
Greek: Καρδιά της Κίνας
Polish: Serce Chin
Finnish: Kiinan sydän
Swedish: Hjärtat av Kina
Czech: Srdce Číny
Danish: Hjertet af Kina
By the same author: Wingcapman

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