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Bruh de la Boi
Avatar: Bruh de la Boi's Profile Picture.jpg
Discord: Bruh de la Boi#4624
YouTube: Bruh de la Boi
Twitter: @BruhKonata1

Hello, I am Bruh de la Boi. I'm a non-binary person who's interested in game design and music theory. I am most known from my works for SiIvaGunner since November 2018.

I have begun modding Mario Kart Wii in July 2020. My first custom track is Diddy Interstate, released on September 6th, 2020 (September 5th in my time zone).

About my Content

I generally do not mind my content being submitted to distributions. I would prefer if I had some sort awareness of it being added first, but I wouldn't force you to.

If you wish to update any of my content, please contact me about it first. I want to be aware of any changes added. That being said, I will usually say yes if you ask me first, unless I plan on updating it myself. The only exception for this is when my course has been accepted into a distribution but needs small changes, although I'd still appreciate you contacting me.

Content I Would Like to See Updated

Please still contact me about these.

-Ryūko Matoi (In particular, I want the number of polygons reduced; I heard that it currently causes crashing online when there are multiple Daisy mach bikes)

-Karts & Crafts (I feel like it's wrong to just leave it in beta, but I don't have the motivation to finish it myself)