Item Mode Test Track

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Item Mode Test Track
Author: Wingcapman
Version: v0.1
Release date: 2013-09-10
Editors used: BrawlBox v0.68d, CTools, KMP Cloud, SketchUp 8, SZS Modifier
Download: MediaFire


This simple test track is made by Wingcapman.

This custom track is a simple-looking test track to test out item box settings, object settings (crates, bushes etc.), how the lap can count and might will add a lot more.

If you ever were wondering about how checkpoints work when you're driving out of range, or wondering what will happen if you'll finish 3 laps in Battle Mode, then you can observe it while playing this track.


This track includes checkpoints, Maple Treeway bushes (karehayama object), a working water splash effect (pocha) and its needs, coins for Coin Runners, Results position for Battle Mode (if these didn't exist, the game would freeze if the timer runs out), special item box values (see Item box Settings for more info), special object values (see Object Settings for more info), a simple item route in the center stage, and an experimental special item box value somewhere hidden...

Oh yeah, and a cannon laucher.

What else? Only recolored and remodeled stuff like Red Coins and Orbs for the item boxes. For now, the special experiment item box value is 001C (first item box object in the kmp, used for Players only, with the normal item roulette speed, this item box gives you Golden Mushrooms, Bloopers and Lightnings only in VS, in battle it's mushroom only?), and for the Maple Treeway bush (karehayama object) uses Setting 2 value 0004, which gives you stars only. Percentage to get them out the bush is 100%.


Item Mode Test Track v0.1 - VS Race

Missing Content

For now, it needs an Enemy Route (for the AI) and a cannon launcher collision. The reason why I've added this is, if you ever try it online with friends, and he/she has a wrong (custom) track on that slot, the game won't freeze for you, this way you can test out all the special values online. It also needs a Battle Mode Start position, right now all players are placed at one specific spot, which is the Time Trials start position, this way there might be a chance to fall through the floor, but you'll get respawned anyway... Yes, there are respawn pointers with the checkpoints included and connected!

Remember, online item box settings act different than offline if you use Item Setting Value 2 over higher than 000C. See what you'll get if you change it to something else... Yes, you may edit it for offline and online test usage!

See this track as an observing tutorial thing. Observe and learn.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v0.1 2013-09-10 Actual test release.
v0.2 Future Release Missing content will be filled/added, maybe some extra content too.

Custom Track Distributions

This track is not ment to be in a pack, only for testing purposes.


  • Don't ever cheat out your way to just keep getting 1st online! Remember, test tracks are NOT ment to be played for the real deal.
  • This little track is NOT a tutorial about how to make custom tracks. The base of the course might look simple enough for actually getting a tutorial about how to make those, but for now, it's only used to observe how the .brres files, its effects and how the KMP file works!
  • Use the Ratings as how much it helps you, not about the quality of the track!
By the same author: Wingcapman