Dash-Attacking Failure

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Dash-Attacking Failure
Author: varemi
Version: Beta
Date of latest version: 2020-01-22
Editors used: BrawlBox, CTools, KMP Cloud, Lorenzi's KMP Editor, SketchUp, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de
Download: Discord


Dash-Attacking Failure is a small custom battle arena made by varemi. It has nine item boxes that only give out Mushrooms or Stars. You must attack the other players to win by using them, but this usually fails, as the name suggests.


Beta Coin Runners

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta 2020-01-22 First release

Custom Track Distributions

This arena is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Gevechtsmislukking
French: -
German: -
Italian: -
Japanese: ダッシュアタックフェイルアー
Korean: -
Portuguese: -
Russian: -
Spanish: Fracasado Ataque de Impulso
Greek: -
Polish: -
Finnish: -
Swedish: -
Czech: -
Danish: -