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Avatar: Atlas.png
Discord: Atlas#5057
Twitter: @AtlasOmegaAlpha
YouTube: AtlasOmegaAlpha
Old Mario Kart Wii FC (2009-2013): 0302-4583-9775
Current Mario Kart Wii FC (with OpenHost): 1251-5424-7277
AVSYS SDK latest version: v3.8e
Support chat: AVSYS AJAX Chat

Hello, my name is Atlas. I'm known mostly for my MKWii YouTube videos in my channel.

I am an experienced and experimental MKWii modder and administrator from this CTWiiki. I'm working on a lot of edits of all kinds, from layout animations to 3D characters and vehicles.

I released WHackR, a Wiimmfi region made specially for hackers, where they are free to use cheats without the risk of getting banned. You can join my official MKW Hacking & Modding Community Discord server here:


I'm probably one of the few still alive players who enjoy using cheats and hacks online for fun. I've had my good times on 2013 hacking online, and I always liked to get those memories back. Since it's not allowed to use cheats and hacks in the new server, Wiimmfi, I made a modification of a file from the game that allows you to connect to a special region where you can only meet hackers using this file, and cheat safely without ruining legit players. I decided to call this region 47145 at first (note that this number reads as "ATLAS"), and it would use the region number 47145. But since it wasn't allowed to have this region number, I decided to change the name to WHackR (Wiimmfi Hacker Region) , and it currently uses the region number 191. This region is also accessible via code, which you can find in the following video's description.

Official announcement and release

Atlas's Custom MKWii Packs

Short named Atlas's Packs, they were the first advanced editing packs I started to make, in 2014. The original packs were never released, but the content inside of them is still available in some of the AKW packs. The development stopped in December 2014 in the version 5.4 with the start of the development of the AKW v1 and v2 packs. Then, it was merged with the release of AKW v6, being the pack also in its 6th version.


AKW (also known as AVD Kart Wii and Atlas Kart Wii) is the name of my first public packs of custom Mario Kart Wii modifications. The development of these packs was restricted and it was stopped the 7th March 2016 with the release of the latest pack, AKW v7. The latest packs were popular because they are a completely mess up of files, and they were organised as a maze where you need keys and passwords to get the mods. I didn't decide to do this only for the fun, but also because I want the files to stay as rare as possible.


This is the first texture pack I made, developed in 2013. It only contained some basic textures then.
Download: none.

AKW v1

The first released version came along with the second version, released in May 2015.
Download: 4shared

AKW v2

The second pack was started in the ends of 2014 and finally released the same day of the version 1. Despite it being incomplete, shortly after, the third version was also released.
Download: 4shared

AKW v3

The start of the development of this pack was very recent according to the release date, but in most part it contained the stuff that was planned to be in v2, but updated.
Download: 4shared

AKW v4

Developed at the same time as v3 and released in June 2015, this huge pack contains a pretty big maze of files. Good luck getting them all!
Download: 4shared

AKW v5

In the week after the release of the first two AKW packs and the end of the AKW v4 development, a fifth version was planned, and released the 18th of June of 2015. This pack contains a whole new Common.szs with 8-bit style items.
Download: 4shared

AKW v6

After a long time without any releases, in November 2015 I announced the arrival of AKW v6, a huge pack with lots of new mods I've worked since the release of AKW v5. This pack didn't contain a maze at all.
Download: MediaFire

AKW v6.alt

Within the development of v6, I received many requests of custom files exchanged for money. This leaded me to make a paid pack, called AKW v6.alt, which contained exclusive content, and also it brang the arrival of the "Private" folder. The v6.alt folder is not paid anymore, since the Private folder leak issue.
Download: MediaFire

AKW v7

This is the final version of AKW, released on March 2016, twenty days before the great leak. It has by far, the hardest maze of all the AKW versions. The development started on January of the same year.
Download: MediaFire

AKW v8

There was an AKW v8 plan in hold after the seventh version release, and it was supposed to contain many new things that nowadays are released, but not into a maze this time. The great leak caused me to stop the development of this pack and I released the supposed contents into the "After-leak" folder.

Private folder

The now obsoleted Private folder is a MediaFire folder where I released exclusive content shared with people who wanted to buy my edits and sent me the money. The folder consists of a set of files and sub-folders organised by date, since there was a new folder weekly. The members who paid 10€ had a full month access, the ones who paid 20 had 3 months and the ones who paid 50 had permanent access to the folder. The reviews of the users who paid for the folder were positive, since it was very active and there were lot of new things every week. Also, the ones who paid for the access of this folder had permanent access to the v6.alt folder, which was sold then for 4.99€ only.

The creation of the folder was processed the same day as the start of the development of AKW v6.alt. The users who donated me, also appeared on my recommended subscriptions list of my channel.

Private folder leak

The day 26th of March of 2016, the user xMatt bought a 10€ one month access to the Private folder. The following day, I discovered via Skype that he was sharing the stuff from the folder with more users, even after he accepted not to share this with anybody else. This leaded me to stop immediately the file sharing with him, but it was already too late: he got all the files and he leaked them. The consequences of this were that I couldn't sell access to the folder anymore, since it would be unfair to pay me for the files being them already released, even if it is by another person. The complaints also leaded me to refund the money to the users who currently had an access plan, which made me lose more than 60 euros.

Then, I published a video giving free access to my Private folder, now named "Not PRIVATE anymore, fault of xMatt".

The video after the leak

This drama made many of the accounts of xMatt, such as YouTube and Skype being hacked, and he is now very hated by the Mario Kart Wii community. Next to this issue, I decided to stop AKW development and I kept uploading the contents that were planned for AKW v8 in the After-leak folder.
Private folder link: MediaFire

After-leak folder

This folder, made the same day of the great leak drama, contains the stuff I was developing then, planned for the cancelled AKW v8. The folder was finished the 5th of September of 2016.
After-leak folder link: MediaFire


AKP, also known as Atlas Kart Pack, is the follow-up of the AKW franchise.


Its first version's development started on May 2016 and finished the 31st of December 2017. The pack contains the latest stuff I made until 2018. It stays private and the package's backup has been uploaded here.


AVSYS or Atlas Vryzas System is a tool pack made with the tools I use to modify MKWii. Some of the tools were made by me, and some others by Wexos, who has helped me a lot in programming. It contains also tutorials of how to edit different types of files, how to create custom characters and vehicles, items, layout, and more. It's currently in progress and it might be released.


This is the "company" name given for my tools. It stands for Atlas Vryzas Software, and you may see it on my tools. Also, my own filetypes (such as VBDP or VBFGA) start with V as the codename I use for it (V stands for Vryzas, my first surname).

Mario Kart Wii filetypes I found and have knowledge on editing

File types
Status File type name


One of my most requested edits are layouts. I have a lot of UI editing experience, and I can create really unique BRLYT, BRLAN and BRCTR files.


I do not usually make new BRSTMs, but I have a lot of experience editing revo_kart.brsar sound effects. I can identify almost any sound from it, so if you want to know what is a specific sound used for, feel free to ask me!

3D Modeling

I've made lots of custom models for MKWii, whether ported from other games, modified or created from scratch. I first started making item models, then custom characters and vehicles and finally custom tracks. I really spend a lot of time making models. I use 3ds Max for it.

Currently private files

Many of the programs and custom files I made are not shared publicly, however, I still share some of them with friends and into my Discord server. Also, I rarely make competitions, polls or quests published via YouTube, where I can release specified mods depending on the results.

The main reason I'm not releasing everything are that people overuse my edits, or they don't give credit of them, or just because I want them to stay unique. Each time I upload a new video showcasing new mods I feel like people don't appreciate enough my edits, so that's another reason I'm stopping releasing my mods more each time. Feel free to support me with a donation via PayPal, if you want I continue making mods and releasing them.

Any questions about any of my AKW packs, the supports and file sharing, please contact me via Skype (kyros2110) or Discord preferably.