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ヴァレミ varemi
Friend Code 2625-9347-8268 (Openhost)
  • ヴァレミ#1773


I'm varemi, a 20-year-old Japanese. "ヴァレミ" is the same as "varemi."

I often use Google Translate (not completely depending on though), so I may use bad grammar or words. If you're unable to understand my English, please tell me. I'm sorry.

List of my CTs you can update without asking me

I make tracks for ME when I want to.
If you want to update any of my tracks not listed here, ask me first, or add the word "Unofficial update by <your name>" to your update at Version History.

Tracks Version Last Update First Release Download Info
Varemi's Circle Circuit RC1 2019-09-12 2017-12-07 RC1 SketchUp
Varemi's Garden Beta 5 2021-01-06 2017-12-10 Beta 5 SketchUp
Speeding Street Beta 1 2017-12-14 Beta 1 SketchUp
Colorful Paint RC1 2019-07-31 2018-06-03 RC1 SketchUp
Speeding Street 2 v1.2.1 2019-02-04 2018-07-01 v1.2.1 SketchUp
Varemi's Garden 2 Beta 2 2021-01-06 2018-09-05 Beta 2 SketchUp
Ghost Road RC1 2020-06-10 RC1 SketchUp Remake
Mushroom Volcano v1.0 2020-09-14 2020-09-10 v1.0 SketchUp Remake

KMG Evos

minigame.kmg can edit the characteristics of battle arenas such as the duration of the battle (LE-CODE only). KMG Evos are the ones edited by me. You can use or refer to any of them.

Type Version Last update Changelog Usage
All All versions inclusive
Normal v1.0 2020-06-04 For any slots, any arenas

For the Japanese: How to make custom tracks?

自分の声で説明をやり直しています。説明の順序や仕方をよりわかりやすいものにできたらと。→ Rバージョン
プレイリスト: こちら

パート 内容 (字幕のみ) 内容 (R/声あり)
part01 モデリング (SketchUp) はじめに / 必要なソフト (補足あり)
part02 必要なソフト モデリング (SketchUp)
part03 KMP作成 (KMP Cloud) BRRES / KCL 作成
part04 KCL / BRRES / SZS 作成 KMP作成
パート 内容 (字幕のみ) 内容 (R/声あり)
part05 モデリング (SketchUp) モデリング (SketchUp, 補足あり)
part06 KMP作成 (Lorenzi's KMP Editor) KMP作成 / バグSC解説
part07 バグSC解説 ~工事中~
part08 KCL作成 (Wiimms SZS Tools)
part09 コース修正作業 (Nack Speedway?)


This distribution contains 90 tracks that were created by Japanese people.
About the next version -- Jolte0n'd had motivation to make JCTC more popular because he'd quitted his job. But unfortunately he got a new job. When will v2.0 come?
  • Track updates
I work for JCTC, Hack Pack, Japanese players, and myself.
Hemoglobin Falls (old) - Gameplay improvements.
Hemoglobin Falls (new) - Needs fixes from Hack Pack wishlist. Texture glitches will be fixed too.
Niri Circuit - Make the spiral easy to drive by using Curviloft.

  • New CTs
You can ask me to collaborate with and release the track to the Wiiki!
Adding my unreleased tracks to your distribution is fine, but before you do, please tell me.
Fire Rainbow Road - Collaboration with Toxic Prime. I can finally work.