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ヴァレミ varemi

Hello! I'm varemi, a 17-year-old Japanese. "ヴァレミ" is the same as "varemi." Please call me "varemi" or "vamy."

I often use Google Translate, so I may use bad grammar or words. If you felt uncomfortable, please tell me. I'm sorry.

Planning CTs

  • Varemi's Garden 2 Slot: DS Peach Garden

Varemi's Garden is completed by Caron. I must be a creator that can complete CTs by myself.

  • Speeding Street 2 Slot: Luigi Circuit

Speeding Street is too long and boring. The next will be a short track.

  • Varemi's Desert Slot: Dry Dry Ruins

  • Varemi's City Slot: Moonview Highway(?)

  • Ruined Maze Slot: ?

  • Pastel Paint Slot: Rainbow Road

I changed the name from Itembox Factory to Pastel Paint.
On my Twitter, you can download preview of this track.

I'm remaking this track. See the track page.
On my Twitter, you can download v2.5-test of this track.

By the same author: ヴァレミ varemi