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ヴァレミ varemi

Hello! I'm varemi, a 17-year-old Japanese. "ヴァレミ" means "Varemi" in English. Please call me "varemi" or "vamy".

I often use Google Translate, so I might use bad grammar or words. If you felt uncomfortable, please tell me. I'm sorry.

Planning CTs

  • Varemi's Garden 2 Slot: DS Peach Garden

Varemi's Garden is completed by CaronHT. So I must be a creator that can complete CTs by myself.

  • Speeding Street 2 Slot: Luigi Circuit

Speeding Street is too long and boring. I will make a short track.

  • Varemi's Desert Slot: Dry Dry Ruins

  • Varemi's City Slot: Moonview Highway(?)

  • Ruined Maze Slot: ?

  • Itembox Factory Slot: Toad Factory

I'm remaking this track. See the track page.
I need testers. If you want to testplay, please come on Twitter.

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