KMP Cloud

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KMP Cloud
Creator: Vulcanus2
File Format:
Download: MediaFire

A KMP editor made by Vulcanus2.

Changelog (v1.2.0.1):

  • Plugin bug fixed, and error message removed so if it still has bugs nobody gets annoying startup errors.
  • OBJ bg scale now also works on negative values and values above 100.


Version 2.0

The next version of KMP Cloud has been planned, this time it'll be part of a little editor platform. From this platform you can load other programs to edit your files. This platform (It's not sure what it will be eventually called, the codename is WiiCloud), is able to open SZS files and cooperate with other programs made for it or let another program open it in a temporary file. This is similar to SZS Explorer, but it allows you to actually load the temporary files back in without saving it to a new location. The platform will contains a simple extendable script language, for KMP Cloud it'll be extended to work together with the UI. But now on to the actual features of KMP Cloud v2.

All features found in v1 will make a return, except the plugin feature, because KMP Cloud itself is a plugin for the platform it runs on. If you want to add functionality to KMP Cloud you should make a plugin for the platform and reference KMP Cloud, but most custom functionality can be created using the new script language. Really new features include dropping (which is already in other programs), multi-selecting like you're used to with Windows, Splines and the ability to save half-finished KMP files as XML file (so it saves a textual representation of the internal format).

Splines or more specific, cubic splines are curves that represent a set of points. These points do not exist if you create them and will be created if you save the kmp file. The spline data is stored with a set of key positions and a parameter that sets the amount of points between each key position, it further also contains a string with script data that will be executed if you save the kmp file. In this format it will also be saved to the XML file, that means your spline stays intact when using the XML format.

Note that this new version of KMP Cloud is not gonna be released anytime soon, think of spring next year or something if it's not later.

By the same author: Vulcanus2