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Author: SpacePenguin1804
Platform: Google SketchUp 6+
Programming language: Ruby
Software Type: SketchUp Plugin
File Formats: Wiimms SZS Tools' textual representation of KMP.
Current Version: v2.0
Download: Dropbox


KMP3D is a plugin for Google SketchUp 6 and any version above that turns text placed on the model into 3D points in the model, or lines for checkpoints.

It can get most KMPs done in around 30-60 minutes, as opposed to hours and hours of work.


  • Install by extracting the zip file to SketchUp's program files, under the folder "ShippedExtensions" or "Plugins".
  • Activate tool by clicking the new button "Add Point" in the toolbar. After filling in the dialog, place points wherever you want.
  • To edit points, select the points you want edited, and then click the new button "Edit Point". Rename the point to whatever you want.
  • To export, go under Plugins -> KMP3D -> Export Coordinates to txt...


Once you start placing points, you need to rename them a certain way.

  • There are several settings that can be defined. A table below will show what each refers to. Some settings are skipped for convenience, and must be edited in another program. Settings are defaulted as 0, 1, 25, or the previous value, depending on which setting.
  • Each setting is separated by a comma; parentheses and spaces are optional. Anything followed by an asterisk will give an error if not entered.
  • Every number (including IDs) is in decimal, not hexadecimal.
Point Name Settings
CPU (ENPT) Current Group* Next Group* Scale Setting 1 Setting 2 - - - - -
Objects (GOBJ) Object ID* Route Setting 1 Setting 2 Setting 3 Setting 4 Setting 5 Setting 6 Setting 7 Setting 8
Item (ITPT) Current Group* Next Group* Scale Setting 1 Setting 2 - - - - -
Respawn (JGPT) - - - - - - - - - -
Start (KTPT) - - - - - - - - - -
Routes (POTI) Route Number* - - - - - - - - -

For example, if you want Enemy Points in Group 1 with the next Group being 2, it would say "ENPT(1,2)"

If you want a group leading to a split path, it would be ENPT(1,2&3).

To rotate points, you can use the the normal rotate tool. This is the same with scaling for objects. Scale is a setting for ENPT and ITPT, however.

You can also combine multiple points under one text. For example, if you want "ENPT(1,2)" and "ITPT(1,2)" under the same point, you can have it as "ENPT(1,2) ITPT(1,2)".

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2016-09-31 First release
v2.0 2017-01-15 Entire interface redone.
  • Ability to edit multiple points
  • Ability to import objects
  • Ability to rotate/scale points with a tool.

Future Plans

These may or may not be added, but it will be attempted.

  • Add an import option.
  • Make checkpoints an option.
  • Make cameras an option, and be able to "play" them in SketchUp.
By the same author: SpacePenguin1804

Custom Tracks:
Sea Stadium