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This is a list of modified Mario Kart Wii objects that can be added to Custom Tracks. To use them, import the custom object into your SZS and set up your KMP to use the object it is intended to replace (skyship, for example).

If you use one of the objects listed below in your track, you must credit the original author in your track's wiki page and readme, but you do not need to request permission from the author first. There are many other custom objects in other custom tracks not listed below, but if you want to use one of them, you must ask for the author's permission first.

See the Model Database for model components that can be added directly to a track model.

List of Released Custom Objects

Object Image Creator Replaces Type Used in Release Download Notes
Arrow Sign Bulzeeb pakkun_dokan.brres General, Metal Lateral Shift 2016-10-05 MediaFire
Big Tree
Big Tree
Caron Mdush.brres Tree Sky Beach 2017-09-23 MediaFire
Caron Mdush.brres Crystal Underground Sky(remake) 2018-01-14 GoogleDrive
N64 Luigi Raceway Tree
Tree from N64 Luigi Raceway
ZillaSpaz gardentreeDS.brres Tree N64 Luigi Raceway 2014-02-15 4shared
N64 Luigi Raceway TV
TV from N64 Luigi Raceway
ZillaSpaz fks_screen_wii.brres General N64 Luigi Raceway 2014-02-15 4shared
Luigi's Cap
Giant Luigi's Cap from N64 Luigi Raceway
ZillaSpaz Crescent64.brres General N64 Luigi Raceway 2014-02-15 4shared
NB ♥ Balloon
NB ♥ Balloon from Bouncy Farm
4TLPati castleballoon1.brres Flying Bouncy Farm 2014-02-15 4shared
Pentagon Crystal Bulzeeb windmill.brres Crystal, Ice Star Circuit 2017-04-21 MediaFire
Star Portal
Star Portal from 3DS Rainbow Road
BigOto2 sun.brres Space 3DS Rainbow Road 2014-02-15 4shared
N64 Thwomp
N64 Thwomp
Omonimo747 dossun.brres General Nostalgic Bowser's Castle 2014-09-16 Dropbox
Volcano Tree
Tree from Grumble Volcano
XG0m3rMKx castletree1.brres Tree Grumble Volcano 2012-11-23 MediaFire
Wario Rotating Sign
Rotating "Wario" sign from N64 Wario Stadium
Captain Kwark MarioGo64.brres General N64 Wario Stadium 2014-02-15 4shared