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Twitter: @dylanmario

About me

Hello and welcome to my main page, My name is Dylanmario (Dylan when I play Mario Kart Wii) and I joined this site in June 2021 but started creating custom characters at the start of this year (Thanks to this tutorial here).

Here I am mostly a creator of custom characters and custom vehicles. I also rarely do retextures of characters.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

My progress on my custom characters

Character Is it done?
MC BallyHoo & Big Top No
Luma Just needs a few tweaks
Bee Mario Just needs a few tweaks
Sign Board No
Propeller Mario No
Shaggy Rogers Just needs a few tweaks
Spear Guy No
Paper Mario No
Mailman Shy Guy Just needs a few tweaks
Shy Guy (Ninja) No
By the same author: Dylanmario