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This page is an index of video tutorials related to texture hack, custom track, custom character and possibly other aspects of Mario Kart Wii hacking/modding. Please note that this list might not be 100% current and complete, since the videos are created by members of the Mario Kart Wii hacking community and some of them don't get attention.

Sniki's Custom Track Tutorial

Playlist Link

#1 - Sketchup: Modeling
#2 - How to get MKWii textures
#3 - Texture Mapping of a Road
#4 - Finishing The Course
#5 - Creating BRRES and test it with Dolphin
#6 - Creating the Map Model
#7 - Creating KCL (collision) file
#8 - KMP settings/automatic height calculation
#9 - Editing/fixing course model (BRRES)

KevinVG207's Tutorials

Custom Track Tutorial Part 1 (Modeling)
Custom Track Tutorial Part 2 (Exporting and Playtesting)
Custom Track/Character Names
Custom Character Texture
Custom Main Menu Music
[OLD] Custom Track Tutorial #1 3D Modeling and Texturing
[OLD] Custom Track Tutorial #2 Collision and Exporting
[OLD] Custom Track Tutorial #3 KMP

Scalene's Tutorials

Scalene's Custom track tutorial #1 - Modelling
Scalene's Custom Track Tutorial #2 - Texturing and Exporting
Scalene's Custom Track Tutorial #3 - Creating the BRRES, KCL, in-game testing!
Scalene's Custom Track Tutorial #4 - KMP
Scalene's Custom Track Tutorial #5 - Creating the minimap