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Moving terrain is a feature available in Mario Kart Wii, used mainly in the Koopa Cape track. Wetland Woods is the first custom track to use this feature and many others followed after that. This page explains how to create that effect. There are two type of moving terrain: water (KCL flag 0x0B) and road (flag 0x15). Moving water is route controlled, and thus allows for many more possibilities than moving road, which can only move in specific directions.

Moving Water


The first part of making moving water is the KCL. The road or whatever you want to move should get KCL type 0x0B.

0x0B is moving water, like in Koopa Cape. The variant should refer to the index of the AREA point you wish to refer to; this index is zero-based.


The AREA point you referred to in the KCL should encompass everything you want to be moving. See this section for information on AREA placement. The AREA type must be 0x03.

The AREA box should be scaled large enough and positioned so the entire section with moving road is contained inside the space. Note that the point should be below all moving terrain.

If the AREA has a route ID (set in the AREA entry), the moving terrain will follow the route. If it does not (0xFF), you will move towards the AREA point itself.


The route needs to have perfect Y values to work correctly. The first setting sets the speed.

Moving Road

Moving road is used in Toad's Factory and Coconut Mall, on the belts and escalators. To set it up, you don't need to use AREA or Routes, but rather edit the objects that control it. More information: Moving Road