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About Me

I am the maker of tracks such as Pokémon Circuit and Wii U Sweet Sweet Canyon. I also plan to make real world locations such as Chicago and Kings Island later on.

I specialize in detail, i try to make my own textures in paint and I try not to use other users' models and textures unless absolutely necessary. I also texture all sides of my models, I don't know if I am supposed to do that, but I still do it!

I finally have sketchup working again and I am back to making the custom tracks! I am currently finishing the model for Pokémon Circuit! It should be done between late January and mid February after that I shall post it to 3D warehouse and figure out where to go from there! I may have to have someone program it for me because I don't think my computer will be able download the right software. After that I probably will finish Vanilla Milk Falls.