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Author: Vulcanus2
Operating Systems: Windows (only tested on XP 32-bit)
Software Type: Graphical User Interface
Current Version:, 2011-08-20

A GUI (Graphical User Interface) to handle Wiimms SZS Tools, being made by Vulcanus2. This is the first piece of software made by Vulcanus2, so it might be a bit buggy.

News: I'm planning to re-make this tool in C#, with much more features (I'll try to get a SZS treeview in, but that's hard for a beginner :P)


This GUI opens files by copying it to C:\TEMP\SZSToolsGUI\ When opening it'll check it's extension. You can open files and SZS folders (folders created by wszst and which name ends with ".d") SZS Folders have to end with .d to get opened. After opening you can save the file in other formats. If you try to save in a non-supported format it'll give an error. Beside the normal open and save feature, it also has a command console.

Version wont have brres/image support, but you can edit the content of szs directories to do that.

Main Screen



Special Buttons:

Configure Wiimms SZS Tools Let's you select the location of wszst.exe, so the program knows where it is.

Clear Temporary Directory Closes the currently opened file and deletes the SZSToolsGUI folder with all its contents.
The tool wont delete previously opened files when closing, you'll need to use this button to keep the folder clean.

Command Console


Let's you execute a command line. This is an optional feature of the GUI. the 4 buttons at the button are Open Dialogs which will capture the path and transfer it into a format required for Wiimms SZS Tools.

Command format:

<Tool> <command> <path1> <options> <path2>

List of GUI variables:

  • #wszst#, #wkmpt#, #wimgt#, etc. :Start a command with this (replace <Tool> with it), it specifies which tool to use. Required
  • #file1#, #file2#, #folder1#, #folder2# : Use a path selected with one of the 4 buttons, the name of the variable represents the button. Optional
  • #open# :Alternative way for path selection, use the currently opened file (on the main screen) Optional

Note: At least 1 path is required.

source code can be found on the same site as the download.