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Yosh ! It's me, Yoshivert99 ! I am a french green Yoshi who was born in 1999. I started the video game modding at the age of 12, with a New Super Mario Bros Wii and then Super Mario World hacks (look at the links below).

List of tracks created (from old to new) :

Peach's Castle Raceway


Yoshi's Islet

Space Odyssey

Surfing Road

Nocturnal Coast

Lava Pit

Aqua Temple

List of arenas created (from old to new) :

Mushroom Canyon

Sunny Beach

Presentation of my other hacks

NSMBW The Legend Of Yoshi

This hack took me around 300/400 hours of work (4 years) and contain modifications of levels, musics and adding textures ! More informations below :

Download link :

Official page :

Super Mario World : Yoshivert99's hack

This hack is a small project made in parallel with the previous. He took me around 60 hours of work. It's a vanilla hack, I've just modified levels and map. More informations below :

Official page :


Check my Youtube channel to discover all my work !