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YouTube: JimmyKaz


Hi, I'm Jimmy! I am a huge Nintendo Fan, I like to mod Wii/Wii U/Switch Games! I also created the Storm Island Modpack for Wii Sports Resort.


I just wanted to list these.

  • I am currently the only person to have made a Modpack for Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Play, and Wii Chess
  • I was the first person to make a Custom Wii Sports Golf Course.

My Favorite Custom Tracks

These are my top 6 favorite custom tracks.

Rank Track
1 Undiscovered Offlimit
2 Sacred Fogcoast
3 Blackrose Castle
4 Windy Whirl
5 Iceway
6 Mushroom Island (BigOto2)
7 Rush City Run

Lost MKW CTS / CT Collection

Between March and May 2020 I made a bunch of Custom Tracks, about 40 of them. I moved a majority of them to my SD Card due to my PC running out of space. In July of 2020 I lost my SD Card and most of the tracks along with it. I am listing the ones I remember having here in case I ever want to remake some of them.

Name Info Status
Tilted Altar on an Island My first ever CT. Have all the files for it + released
I don't remember the name Used to test shaders. Lost
Leaf Raceway This was a track that was modeled over Maple Treeway, it took place way outside the track

in the out of bounds area.

Hilltop Storm I made this to see if a 1 lap track was possible, I also tried

to edit the model of an existing object (dossunc) to see if I could get it to look like there was lightning with it's timing, Neither experiment worked. The track also has a weird issue with respawn points that I was not able to fix

Have all the files for it
Headroom It was my attempt at making a course where the model is constantly rotating, but I could not get it to work properly. I remade it into a Wii Music custom stage for a modpack. Have all the files for it, But the original SZS file is lost
I don't remember the name used to test (sin_itembox) Lost
Bling Circuit A track based on the enviorment of the Hotline Bling music video. I lost interest halfway through finishing the model. I remade it into a Wii Music custom stage for a modpack. Have the model
Countdown Practice Track Have all the files for it + released
Item Tornado This track was based on this section from the custom track Horror Mansion.

The idea was there would be a large circular route somewhere in the course and it would alternate every few cycles. (The route wasn't a full circle, it was 90% of a circle but it didn't connect it and it repeated like this all around the course. It's hard to explain). And itemboxes would follow this route in alternating height, making it look like a Tornado.

However I did not know how the object (f_itembox) worked at the time, And I was having KCL problems where everything was 1000 units above the model, so I could not get this to work properly. I hope that one day I will be able to finish this and release it as a track

Have all the files for it + released
Wii Play Tanks! Circuit I didn't like the final design, So I only used it for testing slopes and collision values Lost

There were a lot more but that is all I remember as of now.


Youtube is extremely slow on my PC, It's faster to watch the video from an embed.


I'm currently only using this as reference video when recreating Mario Kart DS Missions for the Mario Kart DS Mission Mode Pack for Mario Kart Wii Mission Mode

I am also using this video as a reference video while testing different camera types.

N64 Sherbet Land Replay


In the future I plan to release more tracks, you can use any of my tracks in your distributions. If you want to update or recreate one of my tracks you are free to do so, but try and keep as much of the original design as possible.